4th Degree Color Corps

Fourth Degree Color Corps and Liturgical Processions

The Fourth Degree Color Corps is not part of any liturgical procession, but rather it is a ceremonial guard that, at times, leads liturgical processions thus adding dignity and the pride of Church and country to the Sacred Liturgy.

At major liturgical events, the following protocol is to be followed by Color Corps, unless determined otherwise by either the Ordinary for all cases or the celebrant of the Mass for that particular case:

  1. The Honor Guard precedes the liturgical procession, led by the Cross and Candles, both to and from the sanctuary (i.e., at the processional and recessional).
  2. The Honor Guard should order itself from “highest to lowest” after the Master of the district, Color Corps Commander or Marshall who directs the guard.
  3. Upon processing to the sanctuary, the members of the Honor Guard, ordered from highest to lowest, take their positions at the ends of the pews in order for the liturgical procession to pass through.
  4. Upon receiving the command, the members of the Honor Guard either take their seats at the end of each pew (one man per pew), or process across the front of the Church and circle to the back.
  5. At the time of Holy Communion, the members of the Honor Guard approach to receive in the manner directed in the Color Corps Drill Manual.
  6. At the recessional, and upon the appropriate signal, the Honor Guard either steps aside from the pews or approaches from the back of the Church to line the aisle. Upon the signal of the leader, the Honor Guard recesses from the Church in the usual manner, preceding the liturgical procession.
  7. Should the Ordinary or the Celebrant determine it, or if particular circumstances demand, that the Honor Guard will not precede the liturgical procession in the recessional, the norms of the Color Corps Drill Manual will be followed.

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