More Knights mean More Hands (and Hearts) to Raise More Funds (and to Evangelize) for More People in Need.

How are you and/or your council using this motto to advance membership growth?

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I don't believe this has come up at our Council meetings recently.  It might be worth it for District Deputies to remind Councils, imho.  DD's what do you think?

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--The Council 4208 webmaster

This did not come up at our last Council meeting or at any of the travel gavel meetings we've had in district 8 this fraternal year.  Fyi.

--The Council 4208 webmaster

There are many groups where the topic of invitation and new membership are discussed:

What does it all come down to? The individual indication to a prospective member that he (and his family!) would make a good member of the Knights of Columbus. Remember, one might have to ask five different men before one will say "yes" to joining the Knights of Columbus; this is typical! What about the other four? They're probably contemplating membership and just need more time and another asking or two or three. For the sake of the souls of Catholic men and their families, keep asking practical Catholic gentlemen to join the Knights of Columbus.


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