A Knight Before Christmas

See the video posted and share with your friends who are not yet Knights. Then follow up with each of them with a personal invitation to join the Knights of Columbus and grow in faith while serving his church, his pastor and most importantly his family.


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There are many groups where the topic of invitation and new membership are discussed:





What does it all come down to? The individual indication to a prospective member that he (and his family!) would make a good member of the Knights of Columbus. Remember, one might have to ask five different men before one will say "yes" to joining the Knights of Columbus; this is typical! What about the other four? They're probably contemplating membership and just need more time and another asking or two or three. For the sake of the souls of Catholic men and their families, keep asking practical Catholic gentlemen to join the Knights of Columbus.

Membership – a Knight before Christmas!


Twas the week before Christmas and all through our State,

Every Knight is preparing for Christmas, on this no debate


The membership director was crafting with care,

A plan to invite, to grow and to share


If only each Knight would invite his friend, his son or his brother

Let it be known our Council – our brothers - help the pastor like no other


We are known as Knights of Charity for we always are ready

To help those in need, to reach out a hand that is steady


Each person’s need our business, no hint of Scrooge in our heart

Knights for Life, Knights for Family, we are ready to do our part


Great at giving – be it food or coats or hands to make light

In action and prayer our faith grows and is made bright


What is to be done before this year is out of sight?

Well simply ask, nay invite another to be a Knight!


Merry Christmas to All and a reminder to each council to bring in a new Knight this Christmas.



Vivat Jesus!

Remember More Knights bring More Hands (& Hearts) to raise More Funds (& and to evangelize doing God’s Word) for More People in need.

Michael Gaspers, Membership Director 

At our District Meeting, each Council was instructed to run a Bishop's blast and that their progress would need to be reported to the District Deputy. It was explained that, just to replace our members who have passed away this past fraternal year, takes real work, but we are further challenged in the spirit of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney to bring ALL eligible Catholic gentlemen into the Order of the Knights of Columbus. Our prayer, then, this closing Advent season and into the Christmas season, is that our member will open their hearts to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to invite men to join our glorious Order, and we are asking the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the men being asked. We understand that it often takes several attempts to get a man to join the Order; it is natural for men to want to think about things before making an important decision. We also know that a life of service to Christ through the Knights of Columbus is life giving in so many ways: For the man, for his family, for his parish, for the Church as a whole, for his community, and for the world. Heavenly Father, please hear our prayers as offered through the hands of Mary our Mother and by way of the eternal Sacrifice of Her Son, our Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit, love of the Father and the Son, come upon us powerfully to break the chains of sin and help us to do Your will. Amen.


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