I’m hearing great accounts of the prospect roster uncovering a lot of potential especially in rural areas. This tactic really works. Let’s put it to use across the state.


Please encourage councils to build that prospect roster; plan that church drive with follow-up informational night. We have a great story to tell about our spiritual and corporal works of mercy – all that great activity that earns us the title “Knights of Charity!” We have a spot in our council for every Catholic man out there – no matter what his interest and time availability.


Don’t forget Fat Tuesday degree promotion. We all have men that were too busy or out of town for the last degree. Why not call them up and invite them to join now? This man can then help with your church drive and earn points toward his Shining Armor by inviting a friend to the informational night and the next 1st degree. Sounds like a great plan!


Make calls this weekend

  • Congratulate on great work so far

  • Ask about Prospect Rosters

  • Ask about Church Drive Dates

  • Remind importance of Informational Nights

  • Schedule First Degrees

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