This is a great question with a few different methods.  I am sure some will find quicker ways than others and we hope they share this here on the forum.

Here are a two ways:

  1. Review the menu bar and check out the drop down menu for the page that might fit your needs.
  2. Use the "Search" window in the upper right hand corner of this site and enter in key words or phrases.

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As much as I use the "Search" window on other websites--and that's a lot of websites--I find the "Search" window in the upper right hand corner of this site to be very limited in usefulness.  Let's say, for example, I were a 1st-degree member of the Iowa Knights of Columbus and I wanted some information on insurance; that seems like a likely kind of question a 1st-degree member might have.  I do a google search and get to the main page, and I go to the "Search" window at the top right and type in "insurance".  The results one gets are bizarre.  The first link after the search looks promising because it says "Insurance", but when you click on it, you get a page of nothing.  Well, maybe the second link after the search will be better but, no, it just takes you to a bunch of photos of some field agents, but no information.  If I were this member, I would then quit, make a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper.

Although the menu bar clearly says "Insurance" in it, it is also very important that the "Search" function actually work to yield useful information.

Here's another example that has me greatly concerned.  If you search for "join" in the Search window at the top right, the first link you get is a "Comment for: Brian Shadle" which, when you click on it, has irrelevant information:
"You need to be a member of Iowa Knights of Columbus to add comments!  Register Iowa Knights of Columbus.  At 3:55pm on August 10, 2012, Marty Stratton said…Welcome... you picture is looking good.  Thanks for joining."

Now, I have spent some time in January working on bringing up to speed the Decorah Knights profile/website, and Marty Stratton (the webmaster) has been of GREAT help in this.  I do realize that there are some features of the website that are out of his control.  That being said, however, I am greatly concerned about the "Search" function.  Given that it is producing such irrelevant results for straightforward searches like "insurance" and "join", I am of the humbly submitted opinion that the Search feature should either be fixed or eliminated.  But, hey, this is a "Discussion" forum, and I'd love to hear from other members (and maybe Brother Marty, too) on this.

Peace to all, and vivat Jesus!

--The Council 4208 webmaster

PS.  I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors in the above post; due to time constraints, I have not thoroughly reviewed it for such errors.

Brother Claude, the search function is based on the key words or phrase you enter to match with what can be found on the website. The more descriptive you are with the search, the more refined the results can be.  As much as we try to use tags (we could do a better job) with great content, the search does not have the power of Google that will rank and display results in a more refined method. 

My best response is the search will help filter material and bring back items that match your request.  For the value, it does a decent job.

My main concern in this is for the novice, the person either completely new to the Knights of Columbus and/or to the website.  A person like that would probably not expect to have to be careful about using the Search box since he or she has been conditioned, via google, etc., to be able to type in whatever he or she wants and get a good return.  I do understand that our search engine doesn't have the horsepower that google or bing has, but I assume that that's the expectation of a casual visitor.

By the way, I have now searched "insurance iowa knights columbus" (without the quotation marks) on gooogle and bing, and both of those search engines return the following as the first link:
That's good, and I think that that's what most people would expect by typing in "insurance" (without the quotes) into the Search box on, so I still see this as a serious concern.  (Although my kids tell me that most of their peers go to EVERYTHING via google (or bing), so that might ameliorate the situation somewhat.)

What I think I'm guessing, though, Brother Marty, is that you might not have any control of the strength or existence of the Search box on

The Council 4208 webmaster (aka, Claude)

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