How do you increase the percentage of Knights attending Council meetings?

What actions or methods does your council use to increase the number of Knights attending and participating in your meetings?

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I like Newton's "good of the Order" idea - we have implemented it in Oskaloosa with some success.

I'd like to see councils adopt a "bring a buddy to the meeting" policy - it could double meeting attendance. Addtionally have all members in attendance sign in and then award or recognize members (non officers) with good meeting attendance records.  

The more importance we put on meeting attendance the better; but we have to put more value on it than it is an "obligation" of membership.

These are great suggestions, Paul.  Thanks.

During warm-weather months, we have a steak fry before the meeting; this seems to help attendance somewhat.

The absolutely easiest method to increase attendance at meeting is for every member who is planning on coming to stop and pick up a buddy who is also a have just doubled your meeting attendance. 90%+ of members drive to the meetings alone.

Wow, Paul, another excellent, common sense, but easily overlooked method.  Thank you.

--Council 4208 webmaster

I'd like to be able to put the following information in a "Group" here at

Names of members & the degrees they've made and the person who brought that member in the Order for the first degree.  Does this data set exist?  When I was GK, I had access to the council membership list, which included degrees taken, but I don't recall seeing the names of the people who brought the members into the Order.

The buddy system sounds good for increasing meeting attendance, but members need to know who to call.

I'm taking the buddy system suggestion to heart; I've called two members today to see if they would attend this evening's meeting with me.

One of the men I called attended the meeting!  :-)  He hadn't been to a meeting in about a year.  The other gentleman couldn't make it because of work.  I think Paul's right about the buddy system.

--The Council 4208 webmaster

That's a grand idea! It would be nice to have more attendance and a buddy system call for those "regulars" with the "non regulars".

I think once or twice a year we should do a potluck with family attendance and a lite meeting. Make it a bring a buddy as well.

We have a great council as it stands for NE Iowa

In my opinion potlucks are a great way to increase attendance at any event (especially family events) because everyone has a responsibility to brings something yet no one person is responsible for the entire meal. Give folks some skin in the game and they usually come through. Additionally, some folks who like to cook have an avenue to show off a bit by bringing their "famous" dish.

Our potluck family gathering in the summer has been very successful.  Again, Paul, I think you're right, and I like Dennis' idea about more of the same.  Dennis, maybe the Christmas party could become potluck?  Just a thought.

You know, Paul, maybe it's the "member doing his own food" thing that is in part the reason why our steak fries before meetings in the warm-weather months are so successful.  The members gather around the grill and cook up their own steaks, and everyone has it their way and we get a chance to shoot the breeze while the food's cooking.  We usually do the steak fries starting in May (weather permitting) and going sometimes even into October.


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