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System Blast - 8-3-2012

Welcome to the new Iowa Knights of Columbus web site... Now What?

Besides the new look, there is a new structure that brings simplicity, but with advanced options, that will help you, your council and the State continue to grow in service to all. The goals are to increase accessibility to key information, enhance communication and bring all Brother Knights around Iowa together. Councils and Assemblies can now be online (web site) within this web site for greater unity and fraternity, which provides a platform for recruiting new members and growth.

A big feature is the ability for Knight owned/lead businesses to network, gain exposure and buy/sell to other Knights around the State. Featured & Logo sponsors appear on the front page/pages and networking (business card type) listings are available. Click here to download the sponsorship form. What a great way to gain exposure to committed and engaged, faith-filled, Catholic men in Iowa.

Here are 7 steps you should take now:

  1. Upload your Profile      Picture.      Study after study show that relationships are stronger and deeper when      people put names and faces together. Grow stronger with Brother Knights      and put your profile picture up early. Click      here to see a short “how to” video.
  2. On you Profile Page, update      your email preferences... Click      here to see a short “how to” video on setting up your daily. This      eliminates you from receiving multiple notices each day. This will help      you save time and improve information flow.
  3. Join the Group(s) that fit your role in      the Knights. Groups      provide specific communication, discussion and resources for you. Groups      require a request to join to ensure appropriate communication and      information is available to you. Go to Groups and request to join.
  • Executive Committee should join; “Executive      Committee” “State Family” “District Deputy”... and other groups that fit      your interest.
  • State Family Members should join;      “State Family” District Deputy” plus other groups of interest.
  • District Deputy should join: “State      Family” District Deputy” “Grand Knights” and possibly “Financial      Secretary” groups.
  • Grand Knights – join the “Grand      Knight” group
  • Financial Secretary – join the “Financial      Secretary” group
  • Assembly Leadership should also join the      appropriate level group for your function.
  • EVERYONE should join the “KnightLife” group for all the latest radio programs.

       4. Set up a Profile for your Council or Assembly. This is done the same way you set up your
           personal profile... you will need a separate email account to do this. Gmail, Yahoo or other
           free email programs will work. Click to see how “Msgr. TJ McCann Council, 2663
           set up their profile.
       5. Check out the Calendar of Events. Stays up to date... download calendar events you need 
           or enter a calendar event for others to see. Click here for an example.
       6. Add photos & write up your Council’s activities. We want to know what your successes
           are and how you do special activities. Share with us... click on the “add a news update”
           at the bottom of the “News Updates” section on the first page to share. The power of
           information sharing is in your hands without any special mailings or attachments; you can
           do it all right here. Updates are moderated, and will need to be “featured” to appear on the
           front page, but regardless, it will be available on the site for everyone to find.
       7. “Quick Search” for what you need. Simply use the search boxes to type in key
           words and find information fast... no email, phone calls or waiting is needed.

Please make sure your Brother Knights know about this valuable tool and visit often to review new updates, download forms and check for important events. By logging in, private pages are available to you that the public will not have access to.  We will update you on special items as we move forward and we continue to develop the site for your support services so bear with us.  The power of information and sharing is in your hands.

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I really do NOT like the new design of the website.  This facebook approach is really irritating.

Thank you for your comment.  The site is designed to function as a normal website with special features that allow sharing and interaction by everyone.  With these special features, an additional level of information is necessary.  A member does not have to use the enhancements or even register to see most of the information. 

To help facilitate communication, special groups have been established to reduce the cost of mailings, increase speed of delivery and archiving using the online systems.  This allows us to focus reports and support information to the various roles (ie: Executive Council, District Deputy, State Family, Grand Knights, etc) Brother Knights play in the overall function of the Iowa Knights of Columbus.  The Facebook type features are available for use, but are not required.

Yes, this is a change that may take some adjustment time.  We are here to answer questions, help with understanding and, above all else, serve the Iowa Knights of Columbus. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.


Can you give us any more specifics on what you might find more acceptable?

If you don't log in, what information do you find is missing?


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