80/20 Principle... 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.

If so, what steps or actions have you taken to change the percentage?  Please share how your Council handles this.

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This is a very important discussion.  Many members, including myself at times, feel stretched to the breaking point with work and family commitments.  Until I was Grand Knight, I did not realize how much work many members leave to the GK, not because they are lazy or uninterested, but because they think that if they get more involved, it might increase the work and family conflicts.  Unfortunately, many members seem not to realize that children and grandchildren are welcome at all KofC events except Council meetings and exemplifications.  The KofC is truly meant to engage the entire family, not just men.  So it becomes very important for each Council to have plenty of activities that engage families in a fun way.  Our current Grand Knight in Decorah, Brian Franzen, has resurrected the Free Throw Championship in our council.  What a great way to get kids and families involved.  Thanks, Marty, for posting this Discussion.


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