I write this to you as your State Deputy. As some may already know, PSD Dan Werner resigned effective January 1st to address health issues. We respect Dan and Carol’s wish for privacy and the decision to reserve details to themselves. I ask that you keep them and their family in your prayers.

It is my intent to execute the duties of the office as required with focus on:

  1. Continuity with "Go Make a Difference" in order to grow the Order, nurture our faith, support our families, expand our charitable works, and tell our story.

  2. Preparing our leadership to transition to the next stage of engagement and responsibility.

  3. Maintaining Iowa Knight’s standard of excellence in leadership, membership and program attainment; that is strive for Star Councils.

It is gratifying to have the trust of you, my brothers, to undertake this challenge. I pledge my best efforts to meet your expectations of leadership and service.  I ask for your support and cooperation to work with myself and our state leadership team as we build up our Knights of Columbus fraternity. I am asking the intercession of Mary under her title of the Immaculate Conception to guide and support us all during this time. Together, with Mary on our side, we will Go Make a Difference!

In this issue you will find convention material. All Knights and families are welcome to attend and participate. We will have numerous activities along with business and training sessions which should be of interest to everyone. There will be opportunities to meet old and new friends and to interact with your state leadership. Each Council is allowed two delegates. I hope to see each Council well represented.

We are also looking for Brother Knights willing to consider the call to leadership at the state level. These positions, from District Deputy to District Warden to serving on the Membership or Program teams, can be great opportunities to serve the Knights and add to your own personal growth. Consider asking me more about them.

As Knights we put God first then act to serve others in charity. Thereby, we become Better Catholics, Better Husbands, Better Fathers, and Better Men through our involvement. These are not idle words used to promote membership. Rather, they join others equally meaningful such as Faith, Family, and Fraternity as real and tangible for men who invest the best of themselves in the Knights of Columbus. I will add one more: Fulfilling. Both personally and in a broader sense this has been my experience in the Knights of Columbus.

The best thing we can do for the Iowa Knights is also the best thing we can do for our families: Unite as Brothers in Faith! Add more to the strength of your family by inviting your sons, brothers, uncles, and fathers to join you in Father McGivney’s dream. It will be fulfilling and may change you & them for the better. With linked arms and hearts we will across Iowa and around the world Go Make a Difference!

Michael P. Gaspers

State Deputy

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