Membership – the “AY’s” have it!


During 2016 our membership game plan will center on proven recruitment methods. Council leadership will be receiving Church Drive kits at district meetings and a mailing describing key points in our ongoing campaign. In a nutshell we employ the 3-“I’s”: Identify – Invite – Initiate.


Each Council has been asked to create a prospect roster of Catholic men who are not yet Knights. That’s the identify step.


Next we need to find opportunities to invite. A key combination of successful components can be employed to maximize our efforts. Ask your Chaplain to review your list and make suggestions of men to add to the roster. Craft a Father Wants you letter to each and follow up with personal contact.


Utilize our Bishop’s support for membership and conduct a Bishop’s Recruitment Challenge Church drive as follow up to the Father Wants You letters. Invite men to lean more. Invite families to become part of the Knight’s Family. Invite.


Then schedule an information night and first degree to bring men into your council. This is a proven process that works.  I encourage you to employ all the steps – like making a good pizza it takes a combination of quality ingredients to make a satisfying and tasty pie. Lead your council in make a good pizza pie … er a good and complete invitation campaign.


In every parish there are men who desire to put their faith in action first in their families and then reaching out to parish and community. Sometimes it seems like an impossible or at least difficult task. But in prayer and solidarity the Band of Brothers known as the Knights assist men and their families in this effort.


Every good campaign begins with a plan. Your State of Iowa membership plan was to reach 40% of our goal by the end of December. We achieved just shy of 38% which leaves 653 men we need welcome as new Brother Knights by June 30th.  It’s up to you as council leaders to be courageous and embrace the challenge you accepted with your office.


You can do it. We can do it. Start today. Watch for the mailing coming in the next 10 days. Check for additional ideas or resources on both the Iowa State Knights and the Supreme Council websites.


Vivat Jesus!

Remember More Knights bring More Hands (& Hearts) to raise More Funds (& and to evangelize doing God’s Word) for More People in need.

Michael Gaspers, Membership Director 


Key Action Steps- What's Important Now

  • Schedule time to meet with your Pastor / Chaplain to review the Bishop’s Recruitment Challenge
  • Update your Prospect Roster and take it with to your Pastor meeting
  • Finalize Coucnil plans for a 5th Sunday Corporate Communion for January 31st

Be courageous! Ask a man to be a Knight!

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