We'd be interested to know what Councils across Iowa are doing to engage their members and make Council meetings relevant, interesting, and attractive.

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Proposal for each Council meeting:
1) Play an audio clip from the IowaKnightLife.org radio program. Click here for an example. Click here for a link to the entire program.
2) Take about five minutes to teach information about the Faith and the Order from appendix A of the Knights of Columbus booklet "These Men They Call Knights."
This could all be done during the "Lecturer" part of the agenda.
We'd appreciate your prayerful consideration of this proposal. It is our sense of things that Catholic men and their families are in dire need of education in the Faith. If you listen to the entire Iowa Knight Life program at the link above, you'll see that this type of thing--Faith development--is being done in other Councils.

I think that once council leadership understands that meetings need to be about their brother Knights first, these suggestions become obvious because we will want to experience better fraternity and better faith.

Good point, Brother Mike.

Although I'm a firm supporter of the Knights of Columbus, I do sometimes get the impression that the Order, at the local level at least, can sometimes degenerate into a society/club whose overriding goal is to raise money. The purpose of the Order is, as you say, for Knights to help brother Knights and their families and, in doing so, support the goals of the Church, which are to get souls to heaven and to help the pilgrims who are here on earth today and those who are in purgatory.

ok, so what needs to be brought before a Council and what does not? I'd like to see Council meetings minimize the discussion of minutiae, which is often incredibly boring. My comments here are with regard to discussions of $ minutiae, but minutiae also includes discussion at meetings of amounts of potatoes needed for events and that sort of thing. I'd like to see Council meetings become much more interesting and engaging.

I see on page 52 of the Charter Constitution Laws that if the Council is going to spend over $500, this must be brought to the attention of the Council at one meeting and voted upon (2/3 supermajority needed to pass) at a subsequent meeting.

So do I understand correctly that a vote of the Council is NOT needed for the spending of $ less than or equal to $500?

Does the spending of $ less than or equal to $500 require a majority vote of the committee composed of the trustees and the Grand Knight?

Here are some ideas from myself and others:

--Do all the budgeting for the upcoming year at an officers' meeting, and present the full budget to the Council early in the fraternal year. In this way, the regular little budget items will be eliminated from meetings and can be replaced by interesting programming.

--Have regular officer meetings (open to anyone) to discuss and dispense with the little things (dates of chili supper, who will be where for the fish fry, etc.) that make Council meetings boring.

--Catechesis. KofC videos. Ask the chaplain if he could speak on a particular topic, like marriage.


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