Tama/Toledo Council 7504 is looking to complete it's Moses Project. We are looking for a monument to be placed in our county seat. If anyone knows of a sale representative or Monument Company. Please contact Grand Knight Bruce Swyter at 319-310-6979 or at swytbear@hotmail.com 

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What is the status of Project Moses from the point of view of the State Knights?

I don't know about from the view of the State Knights, but the company went out of business and took a lot of money from parishes with them.  Our priest, the trusting soul that he is, paid for the monument up front.  So we have a concrete slab in front of our school as a monument for Cash On Delivery.

Steve, to which company are you referring?

Are you saying that "the company" took money, went out of business, and did not deliver Ten Commandments monuments?

I'm asking because our Council currently has a Ten Commandments fund which is secure but which also does not seem to be going anywhere, and I sense that momentum on the Ten Commandments project (Project Moses) in our Council and parish has been lost.

Sounds like you are more fortunate than us. Our Pastor ordered the monument from some company in the Knights program. Don't know the company name, but it was the same one the other parishes and councils were using in the Des Moines Diocese. I just know that our parish is out the money and there are others in similar situations. The project went tango uniform this past summer (2014).

It was a fabulous idea and a number of monuments are up from what I understand. Ours isn't and it doesn't sound like there is much hope that it will be.

Thanks, Steve, for the information.

Is "Project Moses," then, out of business?  www.projectmoses.com no longer seems to work.

Catholic Answers has info about it on its website:  http://www.catholic.com/profiles/joe-worthing

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