Check out the how to video on setting up your council's profile page.  Click Here to watch this detailed video.

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I hope to do this for Council 4208 ( in the near future.  Our web hosting service ( will soon discontinue its free web hosting.  Is setting up a council profile page, etc., a good replacement for a council website, or should I look for another web hosting service?  In other words, is it possible for the public to view the council profile and yet, perhaps, have some private sections for members only?

Thanks in advance.  Vivat Jesus!

It's done!  Check out the new Council 4208 website: or

This message is for Brother Knights who wish to set up a Council profile/website on the platform.  In addition to contacting Brother Marty Stratton with questions, as indicated here on his profile page, please feel free (as mentioned again below) to contact the Council 4208 webmaster with questions.  Setting up a Council website/profile is, as I have recently learned, actually quite easy and, thus, EVERY Council and Assembly should have a profile/website on the platform.  (By the way, I am NOT some sort of computer whiz; rather, I just know the basics of email and accessing websites and, given this limited background, I have been able to get the Council 4208 website/profile running.  Anyone can do it!)


I hope you’ll take a look at the Council 4208 website; all you need to do is go to or and just scroll up and down to see all the information about the Decorah Knights of Columbus; it's that simple.

If it hasn’t already been done, I hope you or one of your fellow Council members will take the time to set up a website (aka profile) for your Council on the website.  Website training is at  Feel free to use as a model. 

And please don’t forget to give us feedback (or just say hi to us) on our website in the comment box at the very bottom of, by sending us a message via the message system (click on the “Inbox” link near the top right of your profile), or by sending email to

Don't hesitate to contact me via or via my personal profile should you have questions.

Please add us as a "Friend" if we’re not already friends on the website.  :-)

--The Council 4208 webmaster =

I'm attaching a pdf on "How to Create a Council Profile;" it was produced by brother Marty Stratton, and it's an alternative to the fine video he has also produced.


How to add calendar events to a profile page (website):

How to import calendar events onto a profile page (website):

How to add news updates (news articles) to a profile page (website):

Ossian is the headquarters for Council 2073, District 8, and Davis Assembly 0271.

How to set up a Profile Page (website):

I think the Waukon Knights have a nice Profile Page (website) to use as a model:

I am the State Profile Page (website) chairman for Let me know if you have questions about your Profile Page (website) and/or the website platform.

Ok, so you've got a personal Profile Page (website) here on What do you do with it?

How to enliven your Profile Page and by showing all of the activity from the entire website on your own Profile Page:

Another way to see all of the activity across is to click on the Activity tab in the "Update Central" box in the middle column on the main (home) webpage.

If you want to get a Profile Page (website) operating for your Council, Assembly, and/or District, go to for an instructional video. For more information and discussion on this issue, go to

Catholic gentlemen these days EXPECT to see a council website AND facebook page, and they're not difficult to set up. is *THE* place for a council, assembly, and/or district Profile Page (website) because it is easy to use, interactive, and FREE!


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