"Web training session for fraternal leaders" 7 March 2015 discussion

This is a place to discuss the contents of today's webinar which discussed "the importance of your council being visible during three Orderwide initiatives:  the Orderwide Church Drive, Orderwide Charitable Service Outreach Week and Orderwide First Degree Week."

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One of the most difficult things to do is for members to ask other men to join the Order.  Sometimes it almost feels like asking a woman for a date--it's hard to hear "no."  But somehow we must get our members to be driven to ask other men in much the same way that men feel driven to ask women out on dates.  The drive to ask others to join the Order must, at its most basic level, be based in the holy Eucharist, that is, members must be grounded in a strong devotion to Christ through His Saints and holy angels.  Members must be encouraged, pushed to pray the Rosary regularly and to offer Mass and receive holy Communion while in a state of Grace as frequently as possible.  Knights of Columbus programs are only manifestations of the commitment to Christ, and without that commitment, there are no programs and no new members.  Certainly, it would be helpful if chaplains lit the fire under the members such that members increased their devotions, from which flows service through charitable activities.  Venerable Father McGivney was on fire for the Faith and the Order; lay members of the Knights of Columbus need to see totally committed chaplains, too.

Today's huddle meeting (http://iowakofc.org/events/huddle-information-meeting-carroll), The list below includes some (but not all) of the things discussed.


Council meetings must provide nourishment

Church drive (meant to tell the story of the kofc)
introduce the knights to prospective members--not recruitment
priest letter to prospects
priest homily

individual recruitment
accountability--members must be accountable to recruit
24-hour knight pamphlet is helpful

buddy system--members must be accountable to bring others to meetings
power of 10
include fraternal benefits information with dues statement


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