If men want to be faithful Catholics, seeking to follow Jesus Christ in the path of self sacrifice, service and the pursuit of sanctity, then they are welcome in the Knights of Columbus.

Have we let them know they are welcome?

Have we let the see how the Knights can help them fulfill their baptismal call to holiness?

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Be the difference in one man’s life … invite him to join you in the works of the Knights of Columbus. It will change his life, your life and his family’s life.

The Knights of Columbus provides a way for a man to express his Catholic Faith concretely and with action and prayer in solidarity with other men and their families. There are many avenues a man may take as a member of the Knights of Columbus, all of them fulfilling because of their orientation to service to the Lord. And depending on a man's state in life, he may take advantage of more or less of the activities of the Knights of Columbus according to his available time. The Knights of Columbus provides "one stop shopping" for all means of service to the Lord for a Catholic man who is seeking to live the life of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Faith in the fullest way possible.

Check out this recruiting gem that I found on the IowaKofC.org website:

In 1999-2000 I (Richard Makinster) was membership director of 5390. At each monthly meeting each member present was given two activity forms and a Form 100. They were to give one to a prospect and go over the activities with them. 58 men joined 5390 that year. 12 knights recruited their first member.

The activity form gave the member confidence to invite men to join them and the prospect a reason to join. We held a 1st Degree before every council meeting and a few extra ones for those who worked evenings or were doing all three Degrees on a Sunday.

When the prospects joined, we went over the activity form and had them check off the areas they would like to participate in. Also list their wives and kids in some of the projects. They were to be called when that activity came up.

The other thing that I would stress is that perhaps the most important thing recruiting at any activity is to have plenty of KC's inviting men to join as they enter and leave the church or parish hall. Brother Knights should give those interested, Form 921A (921A-S Spanish) and have them print their name and phone number and continue inviting those passing by. Then follow up by contacting that man right away.


There are many groups where the topic of invitation and new membership are discussed:





What does it all come down to? The individual indication to a prospective member that he (and his family!) would make a good member of the Knights of Columbus. Remember, one might have to ask five different men before one will say "yes" to joining the Knights of Columbus; this is typical! What about the other four? They're probably contemplating membership and just need more time and another asking or two or three. For the sake of the souls of Catholic men and their families, keep asking practical Catholic gentlemen to join the Knights of Columbus.


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