The Harlan Knights of Columbus is proud to share our Blog Series - "Why Am I a Knight?"

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Happy Holidays!

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This is great. Thanks for doing this!

We appreciate your reply. Thank you!!

Keep the entries coming. Ask all of your officers to write, and then go to your service personnel, and then to your members. This is a great idea.

Excellent idea!. We are doing the officers now...we'll follow with the rest of the members. Thank you!!

We've put a link to this blog on our website:

Thanks so much for sharing. Hopefully, other Brother Knights will get a chance to read and comment...

We appreciate the input!

Got a link to this on our profile page.

Thank you!!!

I have subscribed to your blog. Thank you.

We do appreciate your willingness to subscribe....We look forward to exchanging ideas...

Thanks again!


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