The purpose of this discussion is to think about the overall web presence of the Iowa Knight Life radio program. I am a big fan of the program and only hope to make the program's web presence focussed and useful for potential podcast users. Given that I am in Decorah, I can only access the program by podcast; perhaps many others are in the same situation.

I have typed all of this up pretty quickly, so please do not hesitate to contact me should you be confused about anything I have written.

ok, after hunting around for Iowa Knight Life info, I have the following suggestions, humbly submitted as a loyal listener. As a preface to these suggestions, my take on things is that should be the focal point for Iowa Knight Life; everything should point in the direction of 

With regard to besides the useful information in the paragraphs in black print, it should show only a link to Since the podcast links are not being updated in a timely manner, they should be eliminated.

On the main (home) page for the Iowa Knights of Columbus (, continue to have the Iowa Knight Life box (3rd from the bottom in the middle), but include in that box the paragraph information from and include a link to Imho, that's all there should be in that box.

It appears that is not being updated; I believe the profile page should be eliminated.

This group page ( is good for internal feedback like the feedback I am now providing, so should be maintained. The "KNIGHT LIFE PAST PODCASTS" box directly above the "COMMENT WALL" should be eliminated since it is not being used. In the "INFORMATION" box above, the link to the Iowa Knight Life website is incorrect and should be changed.

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The concerns and suggestions mentioned regarding the Iowa Knight Life are valid. However, having worked a great deal on the website when it launched until this summer, it is a constant task to keep it fresh and up to date. I am not in the loop on the current approach with regard to all of the Iowa KofC communications but they do need some attention like more Facebook postings and website News Updates, making sure the Fourth Degree calendar is updated, etc.

Please be assured that there is not even a tiny smidgen of complaint in my comments, just a desire to make accessibility as streamlined as possible for potential audience members. If there's a theme among my comments, it's simplicity. Have the main Iowa Knight Life website at the center and have everything point to it.

Council 4208 has a website (profile page): I am the webmaster for that. We also have a facebook page: I manage that, too. Usually, I post things on the profile page and then copy and past a selection of those onto the facebook page. Maybe that's what needs to be done with Iowa Knight Life, too?

Just thoughts. Action takes work, and it's hard to get that going at times, especially when there are so many time pressures. Peace to all!


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