Resources in Spanish - En Español


Resources in Spanish - En Español

Find resources for Programs, Recruiting, Forms in Spanish

Con materiales para Programas, Reclutamiento, Formas en Español

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Comentario de District 15 Knights el noviembre 26, 2015 a las 12:23am
Estamos en solidaridad con nuestros hermanos y hermanas hispanos.
Comentario de Antonio Banuelos el octubre 4, 2012 a las 4:38pm
Comentario de Antonio Banuelos el septiembre 14, 2012 a las 5:30pm

I will be using this PowerPoint when presenting to parish groups.

Slide 1 - At the Service of our Parishes

Slide 2 - General description and history

Slide 3 - What we do - "Stron Right Arm of the Church" and categories of activities

Slide 4 - Picture

Slide 5 - Picture of 6 Martyrs

Slide 6 - Picture of Bishop Guiza

Slide 7 - Picture

Slide 8 - Summary (adapted of the 24 hour Knight) and average contribution per member in charitable funds and hours

Slide 9 - Identification with Hispanic Community: Silver Rose, Marian Prayer Service, Rosary of Guadalupan Love, Guadalupe Chapel in LA Cathedral

Slide 10 - Fraternal Benefits

Slide 11 - Why be a Knight? Evangelize, Taking Care of Our Neighbor,  Vocation, Busy life

Slide 12 - Knights, sure, why not?

Spanish Promotion Powerpoint

Comentario de Antonio Banuelos el septiembre 14, 2012 a las 5:25pm

This is the "A Twenty-Four Hour Member" translated into Spanish.  It is very helpful with the current busy lives.

Caballero de 24 Horas


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