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Dick Makinster, PSD, PDM, Birthright Chairman
Phone: 319-377-2391

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The Birthright Program is a way to bring awareness on Pro-Life issues and a way to promote the Culture of Life.

We continue to fight the culture which wants to tells us when life begins and who decides whether such life should continue or be terminated as an object.

                                        Birthright Report 01/2016

There are many benefits in running a Birthright program in your council or parish:

* Raises public awareness of area Birthright
* Recruits Birthright volunteers
* Raises needed funds for Birthright
* Promotes the KCs as Pro-Life/Pro-Family
* Provides another opportunity for individual Knight involvement
* Serves as a great recruiting tool.


Many parishioners joined the Marion Knights after they were invited to assist in the Birthright Rose Drive collection outside of Church immediately following Mass. It took only a few minutes of their time and they had done an activity with the Knights. They felt good about doing something positive for the Pro-Life cause and recruiting them was easy after that.


This is the list of address and contacts for Iowa Birthright Offices to see where your area Birthright Office is located.  The following map shows you where Birthright has offices.

* Use the ROSES FOR BIRTHRIGHT order form.

* Schedule your Rose Drive with your priest.

* Many councils hold their Drive the first weekend in October (Pro-Life Weekend) or on Mother’s Day Weekend.

* If possible, have a Birthright Speaker before or after Mass.

* Have plenty of Knights and parishioners outside of Church to collect contributions.

* Make sure to report your Birthright Activities prior to the State Convention by submitting the Birthright Activities Report Form

Call me at 319-377-2391 or email if you need the address or contact person of your area Birthright or if you have further questions on how best to conduct a Birthright Rose Drive.

Dick Makinster, Birthright Chairman
2345 McGowan Blvd
Marion, IA 52302

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