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Reflections from the State Chaplain 

Father William Reynolds
Iowa KofC State Chaplain

The word “difference” occurs only eight times in the Holy Scriptures. “ So what difference does that make?” you may wonder.

Even though that word does not occur frequently in the scriptures, ‘making a difference’ is something at which the Knights of Columbus are to excel.

Our Worthy State Deputy Dan Werner has chosen “Go Make a Difference” as the motto for his two years of loyal service to the Knights and to the Church.

Individually and collectively—as one man, as several men in concert, or as an entire KC council— each man who is a Knight of Columbus is called to make a difference. Make a difference in your family, in your neighborhood, your place of work, your council, your parish, your church.

The difference you make on earth may be the difference that helps another to enter eternal life. The difference that you make on earth will be the difference that is known and remembered in heaven.

July 1, 2014

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