Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish


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Church Team

Team Members

State Chaplain Fr. William Reynolds Newton
Liturgy Coordinator Anita Gaspers Danbury
Church Director Steve Heffern Creston
Catechesis Chair Andy Milam Humboldt
Fr. McGivney Guild Chair Henry Fullick, PSD Clinton
Keep Christ in Christmas Chair Gerald Fetzer Marion
Church Special Projects Chair Troy Kunze Leon
Vocations/RSVP Chair Dan Werner W. Des Moines
... repair My church



More than 800 years after St. Francis of Assisi heard the Lord speak to him from the cross, "... repair My Church" we still see a Church in need of repair, and like Francis, are called to this work even if we may not understand the scope of the message. Thankfully, membership in the Knights of Columbus provides a framework for responding to the call to rebuild and renew.

The Knights of Columbus Church Programs are bricks that can be used to build up members and councils so that they can cement together relationships with their families, within their parish and with their Pastor. We need these bricks to help us focus our efforts and to give us tools to reflect on our faith. We pray for the grace to enable us to build more than a facade; to build a solid Church for a strong future.

We pray to be enlightened with more than the big picture, but the right and necessary picture. Until we are graced with better understanding, we, like St. Francis need to just keep working within the Church - with the certain knowledge that good work offered in prayer is always useful.

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