Church Drive Materials

Conducting a Successful Membership Recruitment Campaign

"The Church Drive"

 What is a Church Drive?

       The Knights of Columbus designates two weekends each year when every council is encouraged to conduct a Church drive. During these weekends, one in October and one in March, all councils are asked to conduct the drive in each parish they serve. The church drive may be the most effective way of presenting our message to fellow parishioners as well as to recruit new members.

This is a time to tell our story of faith in action with emphasis on fraternal care and charitable works

  Prepare yourselves:

  • Meet with the pastor and inform him of your intentions and secure his permission.
  • Place an insert in your parish bulletin/s notifying the parishioners of the upcoming drive.
  • Order recruitment brochures, posters and flyers from the Supreme Council Supply Department (Allow 4 – 5 weeks for delivery) 
  • Develop or update the council’s brochure and make adequate copies.
  • Prepare an effective and concise pulpit talk to be given within the time frame allowed.
  • Contact and schedule members to assist with recruitment activity and do not forget to invite your field agent to attend.
  • Identify teams to call on prospects or schedule an information night, and then schedule at least two first degree opportunities for the new candidates.

  During the scheduled weekend

  • Set up information tables, place posters and flyers at all entrances of the Church
  • Personally hand out prospect cards to everyone as they enter the church or have cards and pencils available in each pew of the church.
  • Have a council member give a presentation to the parishioners and ASK them to join the Knights. Ask the Mass celebrant your pastor to give his words of endorsement.
  • Schedule plenty of brother Knights to hand our material and mingle with the crowd                  
  • Schedule brothers to work, do not rely on those who happen to show up for Mass that day. Hand out material, mix with the parishioners and collect prospect cards.

   Follow-up after the weekend drive

  • Within 48 hours make personal contact with every prospect.
  • Set up an appointment to meet with him and his spouse at their home or inform them of the scheduled information night.
  • Offer transportation and refreshments if holding an information night.

   Information night (AKA Open House)

  • Be organized, have an adequate number of brochures, explain benefits of being a member, share council activities, have field agent speak about fraternal benefits, have chaplain/pastor give his endorsement, show film such as “Experience of a Lifetime”, call on dignitaries for comments.
  • After program, assist each prospect with the completion of a Form #100. Inform them of First Degree dates. Have snack and refreshments available upon conclusion of your meeting.
  • Offer transportation and refreshments if holding an information night.
  • Supreme Open House Outline


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