Columbia Squires

Columbia Squires Program

K of C founded by Father McGivney for benefit of families

  • Order's official youth organization, the Columbian Squires, strengthens families by bringing fathers and sons together and teaches boys to be men, husbands and fathers

Two purposes for Columbian Squires

  1. to train young, men as Catholic leaders
  2. to prepare these young leaders to become Knights of Columbus

Example of counselors and father prior and circle's spiritual activities help to strengthen young men in their faith during teen years

  • many former Squires have become priests and even bishops

The Squires program teaches Gospel values instead of society's values

  • Squires learn and do something about society's problems through charitable and community activities.
  • Boys without fathers present learn to be men, husbands and fathers
  • Knights, serving as counselors, and their sons can work together

The Columbian Squires is a learn-by-doing program

  • Squires make their own decisions and carry them out, for better or worse

Columbian Squires program is virtually the mirror image of the Knights of Columbus

  • Squires and Knights share faith and values
  • Council and circle officer titles differ, but they operate in the same way, conduct the same type of programs and both have ceremonials

Councils can offer young men leadership opportunity by starting Squires circles

  • Order wide goal is "Circle in Every council"
  • Squires Inquiry Kits available from Supreme Council office
  • Only 10 Catholic young men, 10 to 18 years old, needed to start a circle
  • Knights needed to volunteer to be counselors
  • Assure parents that counselors have been screened before appointment through the "Youth Protection Program"
  • Through working with young Catholic men in the Squires, Knights carry out Father McGivney's long term vision of supporting families

Squires program of about 1,300 circles involves 25,000 Catholic young men learning skills and attitudes of Catholic leadership

  • In 2003-2004 fraternal year Squires membership recruitment campaign theme will be "Building a Better World"

5,000 Squires turn 18 years old each year, becoming eligible for K of C membership

  • K of C annual net gain of 15,000 Knights could be increased by nearly one third by better recruitment of all 18 year old Squires each year
  • squires should be asked to join either local sponsoring council or a college council on the college or university campus where they will be attending school

By building the Squires program we will be building the 1.6 million member Knights of Columbus

  • By reaching first goal for the Squires of training Catholic young men, we achieve second goal of preparing them to become Knights
  • By serving the Squires now by helping the Squires to grow, we are
  • Preparing the Squires to serve society, the Church and eventually the Knights of Columbus

Iowa, State Resolution: Columbia Squires

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