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Terry Herrman, State Community Program Director

WELCOME to our Community Programs Page

Charity is the first principle of our Order.  The word Catholic comes from the Greek "katholou" which means "on the whole", "in general."  Being Catholics who embrace the principle of Charity means that we give it to "the whole" or to the "community in general."

There are tons of activities that we do to help our neighbors and our community in general.  In the Fall, for example, we can visit some of our elderly neighbors or parish members and rake the leaves in their yards, clean up around the outside of the homes as well. We can make certain that the gutters on the homes are cleaned out of the debris from the past summer and early fall. These folks don’t need ice jams on the roofs come the winter season since they can cause a major roof problem.

Feature Community Programs for the 2015-2016 fraternal year are Habitat for Humanity, Coats for Kids, American Wheelchair Mission, and Food for Families.  These are all very simple activities most Councils already do.  Each of these Featured programs allow you to receive the 4 credits for their category when filling out the Columbian Award form (SP-7).  The requirements are:

  • American Wheelchair Mission.- A council that purchases a case of 100 wheelchairs (one wheelchair is $150) will get credit for all four Community Activities for the Columbian Award application.
  • Habitat for Humanity.- A council that contributes with a minimum of 200 man-hours and $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity projects will get credit for all four Community Activities for the Columbian Award application.
  • Food for Families - There are several great ideas on how to help those who struggle with having enough food. One idea is Food for Families where a council that collects a minimum of 1,000 pounds of food for a parish food pantry or a local food bank and that contributes with at least 100 man-hours in supporting local food bank or food pantry programs will get credit for all four Family Activities for the Columbian Award application.
  • Coats for Kids.- A council that purchases and donates a minimum of 8 cases with 12 coats to needy children will get credit for all four Youth Activities for the Columbian Award application.

Helping Habitat for Humanity is a great project to tackle. There are many local chapters across this State we call Iowa. We have contacted every chapter of Habitat for Humanity in the state so we can inform Councils and Districts about local opportunities to help.  You need 200 man hours to them along with a $1,000.00 of monetary assistance, for the year. I know this can be a lot of money for some Councils so have another fund raiser to help defray the cost. Have a breakfast or something like that with the proceeds going towards this project.  200 hours a year means less than 20 Knights offering 1 hour per month.  Not that bad once you break it up! We've sent the following Letter to Habitat for Humanity Local Centers in Iowa listed in the Habitat for Humanity Contacts in Iowa.

Coats for Kids is another project we have to start thinking about as the weather starts to cool off. Your Council can buy a case of coats for $200.00 a case which is 12 coats per case. All different sizes and colors come in a case. Each case comes by sex. Your Council would have to order 2 cases in order to cover both girls & boys. So here is an idea. Go with 2 or 3 Councils and buy the cases together and then split them up according. Let’s make this happen because there are a lot of needy kids out there that really need a coat for this coming winter.

My friend Jerry Wells, Chairman of the Wheelchair Fund for the Iowa Knights is also heading a very worthy program.  Our state has been working with the American Wheelchair Mission since 2006.  Check out what Jerry has setup for the program by visiting American Wheelchair Mission.  You will be surprised how much you can achieve with very little effort.

God Bless of all of you in your projects concerning our Communities.  Send us pictures and stories for your projects.  We would like to feature them in our different publications and on this YOUR Iowa KofC web page.

Remember to have a Form 100 with you at all times on every fundraiser or volunteer activity.  Knights in Action are the best way to promote the good works of our Order.  When somebody sees you working hard (especially wearing a KC hat or T-shirt) with a smile in your face, they will want to join you.  Invite them to join the world's largest fraternal order of Catholic men.  If they are not Catholic, invite them to your local RCIA program (more Catholics are OK too!)

Vivat Jesus!

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