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The second and third principles of our Order are Unity and Fraternity.  A Knights of Columbus Council is alive because of these two principles with a purpose to serve in Charity.

Some councils sometimes wonder what to do in order to achieve their Council activities.  Here we give you a few ideas on what you can do to get credit for Council Activities for your Columbian Award:

Create a Council Newsletter

A good way to stay in touch and to inform all your Council membership of what is going on, what is coming up, and what they can get involved.  For those members that have not attended Council events lately, it can be a way to tell them what they are missing.  It can be a Faith Formation tool giving your Chaplain a space to give a message beyond the one in the regular meetings. 

Whether you mail it or email it, make sure to include your state officers in your mailing list in order for the state leadership to be aware of your achievements and plans.  Also send to Archives Chairman Tom Bormann at or to 1103 115th Ave, Bode, IA 50519-7015. Check out some Council Newletters here.

Installation of Officers

This is a very nice ceremony in which the Council Officers are officially installed by the District Deputy.  It is an old tradition that we need to keep alive in order to preserve the solemnity of our Order and its ceremonials.

This is not an initiation ceremony, therefore it is not secret.  You can invite the entire council, their families, and even the parish in general.

This allows the parish to recognize who is in charge of the council affairs.  It also gives other members an understanding on the duties and obligations of each office in the Council.  This is a great fraternal ceremony that is educational at the same time.  Most councils receive the "Installation of Officers" manual from Supreme Council at the beginning of the fraternal year.  District Deputies also receive a copy of the manual.  To get an idea what entails, click here to see copy of the Installation of Officers Iowa.

Iowa Knights of Columbus Archives

Make sure to send the historic information of your Council to the Iowa Knights of Columbus Archives.  Make sure to mail or email your Council's Newsletters and perhaps a chronological history (Officers, mayor accomplishments) to Archives Chairman Tom Bormann at or to 1103 115th Ave, Bode, IA 50519-7015.  We will also be posting electronic copies of Council Newsletters here at your Iowa Knights of Columbus Webpage.  Make sure to email them to so we can publish them.  Create a Profile for your Council at the Sign Up on the Homepage.

Knight of the Month

The Knight of the Month is a way to recognize the efforts of a member of your Council submit the Knight of the Month Reporting Form and email it to me before the 10th of the month.  My email is The winner each month will receive a Polo Shirt with the Knight's name embroided.  Make sure to send me the polo size.  This gives you 1 credit for Council Activities for the Columbian Award.

Donate Blood

One of the highlights in the Supreme Knight's State of the Order Report, is the amount of blood donated through the Knights of Columbus.  Councils are encouraged to promote and report blood donors in their Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity.

The gift of blood is a gift of life.  Jesus gave His Blood to save us from death.  We should imitate Him by donating our blood to save our neighbor's life.

Create a Profile for your Council in this web page

It is as easy as creating your user profile.  The instructions are here

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