Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities

1974-2013                        Iowa                  Special Olympics

         Total                  $16,677,295.63         $908,000.00

Average per year         $    411,664.68          $  23,282.05

The intent of the Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities (CPID) Drive is that the monies are be used to specifically and explicitly benefit individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities.

Any organization, group or institution (generally not individuals) that provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities is eligible to receive donations from collected CPID monies.

Council's must be certain the recipients of local funds especially those entities that serve multiple groups of people (for example both physically and intellectually disabled) are clear that the monies are to be used for the specific purpose of directly or indirectly benefiting People with Intellectual Disabilities and not just added to the organization's general fund.

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IA27        - CPID Council Order Form
IA28A      - CPID Council Report Form
                - CPID Agency Request Form

IA31        - CPID District Deputy Order Form

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