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Bob Sinclair, State Culture of Life Director

WELCOME to our Culture of Life Page

Our new mission started at the 2015 Convention in Coralville when the Iowa Knights voted overwhelmingly to Adopt a Vision to Reduce Abortions in Iowa 50% by the year 2020.  This is a HUGE but worthwhile goal and we have broken it up into Four Areas:


  • Knights for Life:  This is a new campaign to raise funds for organizations that support our Culture Of Life initiatives in a familiar and easy way.  Knights hand out candy, collect donations and direct the local use of funds. 
  • Iowa Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation A fifth fund in the Charitable Foundation as been created for Culture of Life Activities.  The new fund makes it easy for Individuals to make tax deductible donations to support the Culture of Life.
  • We have a new website helping the public learn more about the Knights of Columbus and our efforts to save babies.  Invite your friends to this website and encourage them to donate.

Council Activities:

  • Pro Life Chairman in each Council:  We challenge every council to designate a Pro-Life chairman to coordinate their Culture of Life activities.
  • Council Fundraising: We are asking each council to fund raise specifically for Culture of Life activities in your community and across Iowa.
  • Hero Program: We will ask a council in close proximity to each partner PRC to find a Hero from your council to be their KofC contact.  This Hero will coordinate matching the PRC’s needs to resources your council can provide.  The Culture of Life Committee will provide training and support to the Heroes so that we have a consistent, supportive message to every PRC.

Pregnancy Resource Center Support:

  • Ultrasound Machine Placement and Maintenance:  Iowa Knights along with the Supreme Council stand with their local PRC’s to provide free Ultrasound machines that save lives.  Ultrasound Initiative 
  • Iowa Pregnancy Resource Center Convention:  We are coordinating a statewide effort to bring PRC’s together to share best practices and exchange ways to save more lives in their communities.
  • HERO Program:  Match Iowa councils with the PRC’s in their community to save lives together.
  • New Clinic Support:  The Iowa Knights will stand beside groups wanting to bring a PRC to their community and will create an environment and activities to foster clinics in communities with an abortion reduction need.

                 Supreme Resources -- Requirements and Program outline

Community Outreach:

  • Birthright Support:  Our Rose Drive support for Birthright is as strong as ever.  Visit the convention table or seek out Dick McKinster for more information to order Roses and to learn about the program.
  •  Our new website provides information to all about the Iowa Knights of Columbus and our strategy to reduce abortions by 50% in Iowa by the year 2020.
  • Midwest March For Life:  Join our Annual March for Life on the capital every January.  Find and like us on Facebook.

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Other Items:

Roses for Birthright- A long-standing program, Roses for Birthright is a substantial way to raise funds and get people involved in a easy program. A KofC Council simply distributes roses, collect the funds, and then distribute the funds raised to a local chapter of Birthright or some other culture of life programs/ activities

Baby Bottle Program- This is a meaningful way to incorporate your parish in support of a culture of life. Collecting change in baby bottles fosters awareness of the continued need for support. Visit this link for details and supporting details.

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