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Building a Culture of Life                                  

Bob Sinclair, State Culture of Life Director

WELCOME to our Culture of Life Page.

Life is is a gift from our Creator.  It is so Sacred, that His own Son gave HIS LIFE TO SAVE OURS!  Please pray the Pro-Life Prayer frequently at your events.

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Support Your Local Pro-Life Clinic!

These Knights of Columbus support the InnerVisions HealthCare located in West Des Moines in 2013. Join us in this worthy cause and support the pro-life clinic in your area.

Pro-Life Prayer

Merciful Father, Creator of Life, Your precious babies are not being allowed to live in Your beautiful world; their mothers and fathers are in pain from their loss; families are broken through the tragedy of abortion; the elderly, the sick and the poor are threatened by euthanasia. Grant us leaders who will give us a culture of life, that our country may be delivered from the violence of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, that we may prosper in peace, justice and love. In Jesus' Holy Name we pray. Amen

Featured Programs

This Fraternal Year we have two Featured Programs to build the Culture of Life:

  • March for Life.- As part of an organized program of the council, with parish and community participants, a minimum of 100 marchers must participate in a local, regional, or national March for life, the council will get credit for all four Culture of Life Activities for the Columbian Award application. We will be posting more information on Local, State, and the National March for Life.  Please let us know if you do not see your local March on this web page.  Always make sure to include us in the publicity and send pictures to post on this, your Iowa Knights webpage.
  • Ultrasound Initiative.- A council must raise half the funds for an ultrasound machine for a local Pregnancy Care Center medically certified to utilize and maintain one will get credit for all four Culture of Life Activities for the Columbian Award application.
  • Contact the Culture of Life Director for details

March for Life

Roses for Birthright

Roses for Birthright is a favorite among many councils

There are many other ways to hold Pro-Life activities:

* Participate in a 40 Days for Life event

* Pro Life Billboard Program

Remember that prayer is the most powerful tool Catholics have.  Pray for Life, pray to End the Culture of Abortions and pray for our politicians and leaders to turn their policies to the protection of our Right to Live.

Rally for Life 2013

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