Family Programs

Family Programs

PSD Dan Werner, State Family Program Director

WELCOME to our Family Programs Page

Since the dawn of the Knights of Columbus, the support of families have been paramount in our mission. 

Today, we have a number of programs to strengthen what our Catholic faith calls "the Domestic Church"- our families.

Every Knight of Columbus Council is encouraged to participate in one or more of these programs.

Below is a listing of some fantastic programs. Click on the title to learn more details and to get information on how to get involved.


Building the Domestic Church: A Family Fully Alive

This is a new initiative to strengthen and support families through prayer, faith sharing, social activity, and volunteer service projects. Each month has a theme and activities for families to conduct at home, as well as activities to be conducted as a parish-- including a family-friendly movie.

Family of the Month

Councils are encouraged to recognize a local family as the Family of the Month, and subsequently to submit the name to the State Council for consideration as State Family of the Month.  The State Council will choose a Family of the Year, and the Supreme Council also recognizes a Family of the Year..

Food for Families

As a program featured by the Supreme Council, the Food for Families program provides Knights and Councils to live out one of the corporal works of mercy by feeding the hungry.  This program calls for councils to collect 1,000 pounds of food and donate the food to a local parish food pantry or food bank. Councils can also donate 100 hours of service at a food bank or pantries.

Trappist Caskets

Trappist Caskets, made by the monk of New Melleray Abbey, provide a high-quality casket to the deceased. The Iowa KofC has a special package which includes a customized Red Oak casket with an engraved cross on the upper lid, adorned with the choice of Knights of Columbus emblems, and a personalized detachable commemorative plaque mounted on the inside casket lid.
A financial donation to the Iowa Knights of Columbus charitable fund is made for each casket sold.


2015-2016 Iowa KofC Family team

PSD Dan Werner, State Family Director;

Don Burger, Family of the Month chair;

Ken Root, Food for Families chair;

John McGinness, Trappist Caskets chair,

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