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Joe Pollpeter, State Family Program Director
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I was very pleased when I was asked to be the Family director for this year Fraternal Year. To me, Family is a very important part of my life as it should be for every good member of the Knights of Columbus. Why you ask?  Family is one of our orders main standards.

We include family in many of our council’s events and programs. I feel Family is the next most important thing we have next to God!

Families are made up of many people.  Be it as a son or a daughter, husband or wife, father or mother, uncle or aunt, and even grandpa or grandma.  Each one has a very special  place in the hearts of the Family members. As the old saying goes “you can pick your friends but not your Family!

The Featured Family Program for the 2012 - 2013 Fraternal Year is Food for Families. 

The overall percentage of Iowans who are food insecure is 13.4 percent, according to a national study. In 2010, Lee (15.7 percent), Van Buren (15.2 percent), Henry (15.1 percent), Appanoose (14.8 percent) and Wapello (14.8 percent) counties are the five highest.

The programs that bring food to the food bank can only do so much. We, on our principle of Charity, need to contribute to eliminate hunger, at least in the little piece of land God entrusted us called Iowa.

The program calls for councils to collect 1,000 pounds of food and donate it to a local parish food pantry or local food bank. Councils are also called to offer 100-hours of manpower at the pantries and food banks.  The Council that completes these requirements will be credited with the 4 Family Activities for the Columbian Award application.  If you look at it, it is not that difficult.  Four Knights volunteering 1 hour per week each comes to sixteen hours per month.  Do it for six months and there you have your 100 hours.  Collect 100 pounds of food per month (a sugar bag is 5 pounds!) and before the end of fraternal year you have your 1,000 pounds.  Work out a monthly collection at your parish. Use your Knight creativity!

Even if you are not shooting for the 1,000 pounds, contribute as much as you can.  These are tough times and we need those Knights, founded in the principle of charity to help out! If not us, who?

Remember our Lord saying "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me" (Matthew 25:35)

We will bu publishing places in which you can take your food collections.  Best place to contact is your local Catholic Charities.  They always need assistance from the larges Catholic Men Fraternal Organization.

Davenport Catholic Charities

Des Moines Catholic Charities

Dubuque Catholic Charities

Sioux City Catholic Charities

Also, for the 2012 - 2013 we want to make the Family of the Month and Knight of the Month program more accessible to the Councils.  Ask yourself

* Does your council honor a family of the month?

* Is there any family that would like to receive a new family bible?

* Does your council honor a member by naming a Knight of the Month?

* Is there any one in your council who would not like to get a new KC polo shirt with his name on it?

I hope the answer for all these questions is YES if not here is how the council fixes that problem.

Enter the Family of the Month on the Supreme web site by the 10th of each month.  This way you enter the drawing of:

A Bible engraved with your family name on it, courtesy of your State Council.

This Bible is given to a Council Family of the Month selected at random from that month's submissions.  We also look at Council newsletters and bulletins for Family of the Month announcements

All you need to do is add at the State Deputy field on the Family of the Month form at the Supreme Website and it comes to the Family Director.

Also, there is a drawing of about 3 icons of the Holy Family.  This drawing takes place at the Supreme office and is only for those who submit the Family of the Month form at the Supreme Website.

Remember to on the State Deputy’s box to have a chance to be Iowa’s Family of the Month.  This also gives you 1 credit for Family Activities for the Columbian Award.

The Knight of the Month is a way to recognize the efforts of a member of your Council submit the Knight of the Month Reporting Form and email it to me before the 10th of the month.  My email is The winner each month will receive a Polo Shirt with the Knight's name embroided.  Make sure to send me the polo size.  This gives you 1 credit for Council Activities for the Columbian Award.

Keep visiting the Family page at  We will have much more information as we make improvements and gather more information.  Keep the forms coming!

Blessings to all and Vivat Jesus!

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