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Football Frenzy

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All stubs and Checks MUST BE POSTMARKED by October 23, 2015. Later entries risk not being eligible for the first week drawing, so do not delay!

Contact:  Mr. Kevin McKinney

Football Frenzy 2015

 NEW THIS YEAR,  we will have 16 weekly winners for 10 weeks plus Casey’s Pizza Coupon!

 This year 160 weekly winners or 56 more prizes paid out than last year. 

Also in case of split winners minimum payout will be $10.

This program is vital to the Iowa State Council to continue to fund various programs.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.  Councils are eligible to make a few dollars for their Councils for each donation returned.

REMEMBER, we are NOT SELLING tickets, we are asking for $10 suggested donations for the Coupons and they get a chance to win in a sweepstakes.  They also get $2 Casey’s Pizza Coupon and discounts from Green Bee with the access code. The Football Frenzy coupons have two parts, the Coupon and the Sweepstakes Entry Stub.  When you collect the donation, have the person print clearly their information.  The member removes the Entry stub and prints their name and Council number on the Stub and returns it to their Council with the donation.  The Council then returns stubs with the Total amount of donations received in one check made payable to, “Iowa Knight of Columbus”,  DO NOT SEND CASH

2015 Council Incentives.  Councils will get $.75 per entry stub returned, minimum of 10 returned. 

Entry Stubs returned or Postmarked Oct 9th, 2014 will earn Early Bird incentive of $1.00 per entry stub. There will also be $100 bonus awarded for councils with highest percentage increase in 3 categories, 10-24 returns, 25-100 returns and 101& up returns.  The percentage will be based on last 3 yr returns.  Council incentives will be sent to the FS after December 1st .  Please cash checks immediately

THE POSTMARK DEADLINE to return Sweepstake stubs to me is October 23rd.  I need time to get them submitted in time to Green Bee.  Entries submitted after the official deadline may forfeit the first week’s prizes.

DO NOT return unused Coupons!  Only the used and unused Entry Stubs, and destroy any unused Coupons.  NOTE:  Unused Entry stubs can be returned to the DD after the Oct 23rd deadline.

Return shipping labels have been included in your packet for sending in your stubs and check.

PLEASE DO NOT use tape or staples on stubs.  They are put thru a scanner and this may cause jams.

POSTAGE- For every 18 stubs returned will be 1 stamp.  If returning 36 entries 2 stamps, etc.

Kevin McKinney, 2900 Alvin Pl, Storm Lake, IA 50588.  Ph. 515-999-5799 leave message.

Kevin McKinney
Football Frenzy, Head Coach

Download:  Letter from Program Director

Download:  2015 Football Frenzy Program Instructions

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