Fr Wants You - Membership Campaign

“Father _____ Wants You” Council
Membership Campaign

The “Father _________ Wants You” campaign should be held at least once a year and preferably twice a year. (Suggested months for the campaign would be February to Easter, and August to September). Consider running a monthly campaign (see short outline below) and make recruiting a full time event. Remember 1 member per council per month.

This is how the “Father ______ Wants You” campaign works:

  1. Acquire a parish membership roster from each parish.

  2. Build a team of five to six members from the council for each parish. These Knights of Columbus members should be very active in the parish and know a lot of the parishioners.

  3. Set up meeting with these members to examine parish roster. Give each member a hi-liter and ask him to hi-lite those parishioners that he knows and would recommend for membership in the Knights of Columbus.

  4. When each member on the team has examined the master list of parishioners, create a new list of all the recommended prospects for each parish. Be sure to include on the list the parishioners name, address, phone number, and wife’s name.

  5. Take the complete list to the priest and ask him to examine the list and validate each prospect for their practical catholicity. Father may also want to add a few of his own.

  6. Get Father's approval on the “Father ______ Wants You” invitation letter. (Examples available)

  7. Schedule an open house attended by Father (if Possible), the team, council officers, members, and the prospective member invitees and wives.

  8. Send out invitation letters for the August and September campaigns and be sure to enclose current roster of all members of the Knights of Columbus attending that parish. In Feb – Easter send out follow up letters to all those invitees that didn’t attend in August and September with “Father Still Wants You” letter. Also in April and May send a “Father Wants You” letter to all RCIA new Catholic men and any new parishioners that may have joined the parish since last August or September.

  9. Agenda for the open house:
    • Open house should provide snacks and drinks for the guests.
    • Choose a proper recruiting film to be shown, for example “experience of a Lifetime”, “Founding to Future”, or “Hero’s Fund.”
    • The Master of Ceremony should be the Field Agent, membership director, or Grand Knight.
    • Recommended meeting Agenda:
      • Opening Prayer
      • Welcome
      • Purpose of Open House
      • Grand Knight or program director to inform prospects of council activities and programs.
      • Financial Secretary or Treasurer to inform prospects of initiation fee and due requirements.
      • Most qualified person to present brief history of order. (If film chosen doesn’t provide that information)
      • Field Agent to briefly describe fraternal benefits and the dream of Father McGivney.
      • Film
      • Invitation to Join (have each member of the team equipped with form 100s pens, brochures, table and chairs for signing up new members).
      • Close meeting after all prospects are signed-up, with prayer and information on the next First Degree.
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