Give Me 5 Guys!

We are introducing a concept to support monthly invitation & action. The program is to plan and to invite likely prospects based on their existing involvement in charity and / or a relationship to the Knights and our goals.

Our strategy for several years now has been the Power of One. That’s one member per council per month and one degree scheduled per district per month. To back that up we have some excellent tools to assist such as the Power of 10, the Church Drive / Bishop’s Blast, the Father Wants You Letter.

These tools work very well but a gap existed between the Strategy of One Member and the recruitment tools. Introducing:



Iowa Knights of Columbus membership growth plan

Utilize elements of proven methods to achieve success-


  1.  Create a prospect roster, include vitals (wife, kids, work, service activity), and get Father to okay prospects as practical Catholics. Choose 5 (or more) prospects to contact each month. Assign to members of your Council to invite. Seek help from field agent – your membership professional.


  2. Send a “Father Wants You” invitation letter to these 5 prospects and their wives inviting them to join you at your next activity, or invite him to your next Council meeting. Alternately have someone the prospect knows and respects personally contact the prospect. In all cases point out why this man will be a good Knight.


  3. Follow up with a phone call or home visit to the prospect, bring your wife also, reminding him of the date, offer to pick him up and bring him to the meeting.


  4. At the meeting answer any further questions about the Knights. Tell our story of charity & unit & fraternity transforming lives. If the prospect agrees to become a member have the 1st Degree team or video ready to go, with Council members assigned as needed in the video, and do the Degree that night!


  5. Assign someone to update the tracking roster, and repeat this process EVERY MONTH. Add new names to the list from welcome Committee or church drives. Keep asking prospects on the roster - repeatedly, in a timely manner, perhaps by a different Brother Knight the second time. Be gently persistent and persuasive.


If implemented properly, this will be an all year process, not just 2-4 months at a time, and you will be successful, if you follow the steps! Let’s keep this activity year round, Remember the 4-Mores: MORE Knights bring MORE hands (and hearts), to raise MORE funds (and to evangelize) to help MORE people in need doing God’s good work.

“Rules of Thumb”


As with any process, results are achieved in different levels, by certain variables, such as who asks, the situation of the prospect, timing etc.

Here are 5 rules of thumb to keep in mind:


  • NO!- means various things, like “not at this time, “not just yet,”

    Or sometimes, “Give me more information, you haven’t convinced me yet”


  • Go back after a no, figure out a strategy to overcome the objection, answer his questions to convince him he should be one of us. Tell him why we need him!


  • Ask his wife- convince her of the value of the Knights to make her Husband a better man. Possibly your wife knows his wife, they could talk…..


  • Don’t expect high percentage success. Realistically 1 out of 5 attempts will result in a successful candidate. Your council results may vary, some councils may 1 out of 7 while others may be 3 out of 5. Keep inviting!


  • Track all activity using a recruitment contact tracker. Schedule a future time to re-invite this 1 man to consider Knighthood.


Remember the 4-Mores: MORE Knights bring MORE hands (and hearts), to raise MORE funds (and to evangelize) to help MORE people in need doing God’s good work

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Give Me 5 Guys!

Rules of Thumb

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