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How can we accomplish anything unless people know what we are trying to do?

As Matthew 5:16 says;  Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.  Thus, it is important that we as Brother Knights offer encouragement to Catholics to be involved on many different levels.  In addition, to make contact with potential members, we must publicize our good deeds in all the places where eligible Catholic men and their families gather, through multiple formats.

The Iowa Knight Today is the longstanding publicity flagship of the Iowa Knights of Columbus.  It is published two times per year.

The Iowa Knights of Columbus Facebook page contains articles, pictures and information interesting to Brother Knights and their families in addition to all Catholic in general.  Search for Iowa Knights of Columbus and click on the "Like" button.

The Iowa Knights of Columbus can be found on Twitter @IAKnights.  Tweets from @IAKnights include posting from our Facebook page and short bits of information regarding events.

Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin are accessible from your Knights of Columbus Profile.  Check your "settings" to connect your comments, likes and announcements to these two powerful social media sites.

Linkedin is for those who want professional networking as Brother Knights with a distinct Catholic flavor to the conversation.  Request to join both the Supreme [Knights of Columbus] and Iowa [Knights of Columbus Iowa] groups today.


To submit story ideas or report on council activities, post the story and pictures on your "News Update" section of your Knights of Columbus profile. 

In your summary, briefly describe the Council, Assembly, or Squires project.  What took place?  Where did it occur?  When was the project held?  How much money was raised?  How many hours of time were volunteered?  Who was the beneficiary of the project?  Give the full name of the Council, Assembly, or Circle.  Make sure all places and organizations are identified by their full and proper names and location.

With regards to photos, action photos are best.  Illustrate the program.  Try to stay away from people lined up in rows.

Finally, please provide all possible contact information so follow-ups, interviews, etc. can be made.

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