Protecting Families for Generations

In Iowa we have 3 General Agencies with over 28 Full time professional field agents having a combined 185 years experience in the field of financial protection for families. Our agents are specialized in the areas of Life, Long Term Care and retirement planning needs. They are not high pressure sales people but fully licensed professional agents who happen to be brother knights that will sit down and do a complete “FAMILY SERVICE” record for your family.

To see the agents in your area click on the tab above for your part of the state.

More information on Knights of Columbus fraternal benefits and insurance products may be found on the Supreme Website or by calling an agent.


Remember our products are available to KofC members, their spouses and all dependent children. Take advantage of your membership benefit and use the largest Catholic insurance company in the world to protect your family today.

  • LIFE INSURANCE: Get the protection that you need to put that safety net in place for your family. We have great new term rates for pennies a day. Whole life permanent coverage that is guaranteed for life. If you need to protect that estate ask us about our estate plan coverage. Are you uninsurable? The Knights now offers a NEW Guaranteed issue policy for members and their family from ages 0-65.
  • ANNUITIES: looking to protect your retirement funds? Ask us about our guaranteed rates. We can help you with your 401K rollovers, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s and all retirement planning needs. Take the worry out and put your money with a SAFE and reliable company that only invests in your Catholic values and guarantees your nest egg is protected.
  • LONG TERM CARE: Do I really need Long term care? 69% of people turning 65 years of age will need some form of long-tern care before they die. Protect your financial security with Knights of Columbus Care.

Joy from Children

If you’re like me, you derive great joy from your children. It’s a great feeling when a teacher, coach or fellow parent compliments you on your child.

We all know that raising children these days is no easy task, especially when the values we’re trying to instill in them – concern for others, accepting responsibility for their actions, saving money rather than spending it – seem to run counter to what society is trying to teach them. Yet these are exactly the values that tend to draw compliments from teachers, coaches and fellow parents.

We also know that the best way to teach is by example. If you carry enough life insurance to protect your family, and if you share - with those of your children old enough to understand - why that’s important, you’re exhibiting and imparting many of the values you hope your children will absorb.

You’ll show them by example that you love them and are concerned about their welfare. You’ll show them that you take your responsibility to provide for your family seriously, and that you want to make sure they’re provided for even if you’re not around. And you’ll show them that investing money in your life insurance protection is more important than the new set of golf clubs you might want, the newest and best home theater system you’ve had your eye on, or whatever else you might be sacrificing to pay the premiums.

Sure, they’ll probably roll their eyes at you as you’re explaining this, and they’ll certainly moan and groan if they can’t get the newest CD, video game or piece of clothing. But they learn from what you do – just like they learn from what you don’t do. What lessons do you want to teach them?

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