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Each council is expected to hold a Culture of Life fundraising event every year. What is your council doing? If you don’t have one on your current schedule, or if you are looking to do something more, please consider the Knights for Life program.

The Knights for Life program was developed to provide councils a familiar and easy way to raise funds for organizations that support our Culture of Life initiatives. It is a simple as:

(1)    Councils set the time and location for the drive.

(2)    They order and receive candy (and aprons if they choose).

(3)    They hand out candy and collect donations.

(4)    They report their results.

(5)    They receive check(s) for donation to Culture of Life organizations in their area.

Key Dates for 2017 Campaign:

  • (Extended to) 5/31/2017 – Councils orders are due to their District Deputy using the Council Order Form
  • (Extended to) 5/31/2017 – District Deputies forward their Council orders using the District Deputy Order Form
  • (Extended to) 8/31/2017 – Councils report their Campaign results using the Council Report Form

Councils do not pay for the candy up front. The candy cost is subtracted from their donation total when they report their campaign results.

The program requires little effort. Councils just need to get members to hand out candy and collect donations.


Order aprons using the order form

Criteria for Donation Eligibility for Funds raised through Knights for Life:

  • Must be an entity, not an individual person.
  • The entity’s practices, policies and history demonstrate a consistency with Catholic moral and ethical principles.
  • The entity must need our funds for specific life affirming activities and have demonstrated the ability to use the money responsibly.
  • The entity must be vetted and approved by the Iowa Knights for Life Committee.

Examples of where can you donate your proceeds.

  • Local Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Local Hospice
  • John Paul II Adult Stem Cell Research Center
  • Abstinence Education
  • Birthright
  • Iowa-based Pro-Life Organizations


Questions and correspondence should be directed to Jim Bates, Program Chair,

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