Memorial Mass

Memorial Mass

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One of the most important duties of a council is to remember their deceased members each year. A council should have a Memorial Mass for the Deceased members, generally held in November when the Church celebrates All Soul's Day and All Saints Day. If any of the family members of the deceased are living in your area, invite them to the Mass and get them involved.

Use the following outline to assist you in planning that very important activity for the council.

  • Start planning the Mass by September
    • Contact parish Priest to select date
    • Use your list of all deceased members who died during the last year to contact living family members who still live in the area
  • Planning the Mass
    • Select readers and readings with the Priest
    • Involve the wives and children of the Knights in the Mass
    • Plan when the names of the deceased are to be read during the Mass
    • Have a family member or usher light a candle for each of the deceased
    • Plan a reception after the Mass for all that attend
  • Suggestions to improve your Memorial Mass
    • Consider all the deceased of the Parish, along with your deceased members
    • When family members light a candle, give them a flower
    • Place the candles on the Altar

Fill out the Deceased Member Report (Iowa Form IA03) on a monthly basis. The information is too important to leave to the end of the year when memories sometimes do not have the clarity that they might have had at the time of death.

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