Proclaiming a Culture of Life

Proclaiming a Culture of Life

This is not a new project for the Iowa Knights of Columbus but we are trying to bring this project back to the forefront. This is at the top of the priority list for our state projects to have at least one pro-life billboard project in each council. Here is how we can do it.

On our website go to 'Programs', then to 'Culture of Life' and download the forms available online. Basically this is a 'paint by number' formula for creating and building a billboard. We have a variety of experts (contacts listed below) in and around our state that have done this for years and we can use as resources if you stumble.

For the actual sign banner, there are two recommended sources: Prolife Across America and Heritage HouseProlife Across America is based in neighboring Minnesota and offer the full package of signs and backboard frame for the sign leaving only the erection of the ground up structure. They are a non-profit organization that was actually formed by a Brother Knight.

Online you will find plans that show you how to build either a 4'x8' or a 5'x11' billboard, what materials to get, suggestions on where to get them, and an outline of estimated costs. All you have to do is add an enthusiastic council with a place to put it up. As they say-just add water; Holy water that is; when your parish priest blesses it.

Let's make Iowa a state known for our RESPECT LIFE attitude evident in all we do! We will start by erecting pro-life billboards all around our state, getting the attention of more people and making them aware of the need to come to the aid of unborn babies, who are the most helpless, the poorest of the poor of all GOD’S CHILDREN!

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