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Young Catholic Recruitment (PDF)

What Can I Be Doing Today?

  1. Ask each council officer to supply three names of potential candidates. Your goal will be to come up with twenty-five eligible men.
  2. Write a letter on behalf of your Parish Priest asking these twenty-five men to join the Council. Ask your Priest to review and sign it.
  3. Mail it, then follow-up with a phone call. Make sure you speak to your candidate, don’t just leave messages. Let them know that their Parish needs them and that Father wants them to become a member.
    If your Pastor extends a personal invitation it will make a very strong impression!
  4. Get your degree scheduled!

Experience shows that one third of the prospects will join using this approach which equates to eight new members. Phase two of this plan is to do the same thing with the exception being in step one. Instead of the officers, have each one of your council members supply three names at the next business meeting. If you only have ten men show up, that is still thirty prospects giving you a realistic opportunity for ten new members. This strategy requires about one or two hours worth of time to print, mail, follow-up and has a huge dividend.

Every council should also have a membership and retention team to spearhead your recruiting events.

This dedicated focus will keep the ball throughout the year and you will avoid having membership hit the back burner. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact your District Deputy, Regional Chairman or anyone on the state membership team.

Membership ‐ Six Reasons to be a Knight

1. As an integral part of the world’s largest and most dynamic Catholic fraternal organization, you will be united with over 1.9 million Brothers and their families in over 14,000 councils located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Central America, the Caribbean, Poland, Korea, Lithuania and the Ukraine.

2. Your personal involvement as a Knight will provide opportunities, in charity and fraternity, for service to the Church at the local, diocesan and universal levels; to your communities; and to the less fortunate especially the most vulnerable: the unborn and handicapped.

3. Your active participation in council affairs: spiritual, fraternal, family, social, civic oriented, athletic and recreational ‐ will serve as a school of leadership and enable you to develop qualities that enhance your strengths and abilities.

4. You will enjoy a sense of "belonging" in an organization that shares your religious beliefs, brings together like‐minded men joined in a common cause, and offers the opportunity to develop and cement friendships for years to come.

5. Your concerns for your family and for your retirement years can be addressed by the Order's low‐cost insurance program, conducted by Brother Knights for Brother Knights, assuring your security and peace of mind.

6. You will share in the sense of pride what all Knights feel in knowing that their Order is second to none in support of Our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests; in working for our fellowmen, especially those most in need; and in binding together to preserve traditional values in the face of attacks against the family and innocent human life.

Church Drive Summary - Planning & Execution

Father Wants You Overview

Closing the Deal - Answering Concerns

Today’s young man faces many commitments. From his duty to his family to his obligation to his work place, there are constant calls on his time. It’s a common concern among many prospects that they just don’t have the time to be a part of the Knights of Columbus. Men and their families will want more information about the Knights, what it can do for them and what will be expected from them. 

Provide ready answers by:

1) Create and share a council brochure listing council activities and events

2) Get and share the Supreme brochure "Did You Know?" #1267

3) Brainstorm with your recruitment team answers to some expected concerns. Some typical questions and answers may be found in Close The Deal Responses (pdf)

4) Share the "24 Hour Knight" concept showing how little time is needed to become an active Knight. DD Vince Meis gives a good breakdown (pdf download)

5) Remind the man and his family that its not only what the Knights want from him in time, talent and energy, but also what the Knights can offer to them in benefits, fraternity and social interaction.

Fraternal Membership Benefits

Iowa Insurance Program

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Check out membership resources from Supreme 

Supreme Membership guide

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