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Iowa Knights of Columbus

2013 Spelling Champions

The 2013 Knights of Columbus State Spelling Bee was held on Sunday, March 3, at St. Cecilia Church and School, in Ames, Iowa. To qualify for the State Spelling Bee, each of these 4th through 7th grade students finished in first or second place in their local spelling bee and in first or second place in one of seven regional spelling bees held around Iowa. Each of the grade levels advanced to more difficult word lists before finally determining their respective champions. And three of the four competitions lasted for over two hours before eliminating their last contenders.

The photos show Spelling Bee coordinator Tim Simodynes along with the 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finishers from each grade (pictured left-to-right).
4th Grade Top Finishers
1st - Brandon Barker, North Liberty
2nd - Colin Battien, Cedar Rapids
3rd - Mason Myers, Cedar Falls
  5th Grade Top Finishers
1st - Paul Somodi, Cedar Falls
2nd - Jaeda Wilson, Glenwood
3rd - Miguel Trejo, Fort Madison
6th Grade Top Finishers
1st - Alex Glascock, Waterloo
2nd - Noah Keller, Marion
3rd - Hima Joseph, West Des Moines
7th Grade Top Finishers
1st - Andrew McVicker, Cedar Falls
2nd - Matthew Bishop, West Des Moines
3rd - Kayla Mayer, LeMars
Congratulations!  Excellent work!
Thanks to Tim Simodynes from Council 2230 in Ames (St. Cecilia) for all his hard work and dedication to making the Iowa Knights of Columbus Spelling Contest such a great success.
Thanks to all those who assisted in hosting and organizing the Regional Spelling Bee Contests.  Your dedication is inspiring.
And thanks to all councils that hosted local contests.    You planted the seed for this wonderful experience to so many kids in our state.
Start planning for your 2014 Spelling Bee Contest!

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