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Religious Recognition

Religious Recognition
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The Knights of Columbus stands shoulder to shoulder and four square with our priests and religious persons. Therefore, the Knights of Columbus and its members must follow the Holy Father's challenge to promote the religious life and keep our Church strong by bringing those called to the religious life an open door for God's calling.

In addition to your council Chaplain recognition, the Iowa State Council has chosen to promote a Religious Recognition Night and a State Religious of the year to follow through on the Holy Father's vision. Use the out line listed below to help plan and promote your event:

  1. Plan a Recognition Dinner for the Priests & Religious of your Community
    1. Start planning the event at least two months prior to the date of the dinner
      1. Invite the Priests, Deacons, Religious Sisters / Brothers in your community.
      2. Select a committee to plan the event
      3. Invite your District Deputy and State Officers
    2. Night of the Event
      1. Seat the Religious at a place of honor
      2. If you have a group of Religious, select the oldest / youngest of the group for special recognition
      3. Select one of the honorees to speak.
      4. Give out certificates of appreciation to the Religious
  2. If your community has only one Priest
    1. In rural areas, consider having a District Religious Dinner
      1. Invite the Religious from your District
      2. Invite your District Deputy and the State Officers
      3. Follow steps outlined in B above

Nominate an outstanding Religious Sister or Brother of your community on Iowa Form IA05 (Iowa Religious of the Year).

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