San Jose Ma. Robles

St. Jose María Robles Hurtado

1888 - 1927

He was born in Mascota, Jalisco. At age twelve, he entered the seminary at Guadalajara. He was ordained to the priesthood at Guadalajara in 1913, at the age of 25. A few years later, he founded the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He wrote a number of works to propagate the Catholic faith, and also cathechized others in ways which were contrary to the laws of the country at the time.

Despite the increasing persecution of Catholics in general and explicit invitations to him to leave Mexico personally, Robles remained and continued to minister to his congregation and offer what solace he could to the survivors and families of Catholics who had been persecuted and killed by the government. In time, he even went further, and promoted the idea of armed defense of Catholics who were suffering from the persecution

He was finally arrested on 25 June 1927 for saying a prayer in the home of the Agraz family, who were hiding him at the time. He was found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged from an oak tree. The next day, before dawn, he was led to the tree. In a final display of compassion for his executioners, he offered a small votive candle he had in his pocket to them to help light the path to the tree where he would be hanged. Upon arriving there, he forgave the men for what they were about to do. He took the noose into his own hands, saying "Don’t dirty your hands" to the man who brought it, kissed it, and placed it around his own neck.

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