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Iowa Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee Contest

The Iowa Knights of Columbus Spelling Contest is an exciting contest for children in grades 4th - 7th to demonstrate their spelling abilities and show that knowledge is also cool.

The word lists for each grade are at the bottom of this page.  Students are encouraged to study these words prior to their local competitions.  The same words are used for the Regional and State competitions.  There are no District competitions on the Spelling Bee.

All you need to hold an event is a team of at least three willing to read the words and validate how the students spell them. You can work in combination with a Catholic School, a Religious Education program in your local parish, a Squires Circle. Some schools or Religious Education programs may hold the competition in their own classroom in class time.  Make sure to check with teachers, principals, and RE Program Directors.  Check out the information from the State Family booklet: Spelling Bee Rules.  Also, here is more specific information on how to conduct a Local Spelling Bee competition as well as other responsibilities Spelling Bee Responsibilities

It is that simple! Here are the simple steps:

1) Order your materials from the Iowa State Council by sending the Spelling Bee Kit Order Form (New for 2015) to Youth Program Director Bob Ukena call 515-440-0277 or email at rukena@earthlink.net.  Your District Deputy should receive the Spelling Bee package in the December State Family Meeting.

2) Council winners go directly to the Regional Competition.  There are no District Level Competitions. Check the Spelling Bee Schedules by checking this site's Calendar of Events (and search for spelling). This way you can plan your Council Competitions. The Regional Competitions are generally held in mid February.  The State Competition is held in early March.

3) When you have completed your local competition, make sure to submit the 2015 Spelling Bee Council Participation Report As with all forms, send a copy to your District Deputy and another to iakofcreports@gmail.com.

4) Other useful forms and resources are listed below as well as the Regional Map

5) For Regional and State Contacts

Check out the 2013 State Champions

Check out the 2014 State Champions

Want more info? Your State Youth Director will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

Bob Ukena
Phone: 515-440-0277
E-mail: rukena@earthlink.net

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