Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

  • The Christian Formation Program for Councils, adapted from the Alberta / Northwest Territories State Council in Canada, uses Bible passages to help us strike a practical balance between faith and good works in our service oriented projects.
  • Initiate group prayer, faith sharing and reflection in the Council. One example of such a Monthly Faith Sharing Programis offered by the Archdiocese of Dubuque Stewardship office.
  • Council and Assembly meetings should begin with the Praying of the Rosary. The Knights of Columbus recitation of the Rosary, led by the Supreme Chaplain is available on CD (Item #4439) or Cassette (Item #4436) from the Supply Department.
    • A rosary CD is available from the Archdiocese of Dubuque Vocations Office. Archbishop Jerome Hanus leads a rosary for religious vocations using each set of mysteries.
    • An audio Rosary is a great way to pray in the car with a rosary ring. Distribute audio Rosaries to shut-ins and veterans in hospitals.
    • KC Rosary of Christian Hope

 Incorporate prayer into your Councils events, charitable activities and socials. Gather volunteers together to pray for success, safety of participants, etc.

  • Utilize "Liturgy of the Hours" material in prayer groups or in your personal prayer. See www.liturgyhours.org for more information.
  • Opportunities for personal spiritual formation and renewal:
    • The Iowa State KC Men's Retreat is held annually in early November.
    • Some dioceses conduct regular Christian Experience Weekends for men and women. This is similar to a Cursillo retreat.
    • A Prayer Book / Daily Devotional
      • Living Faith - Catholic Devotional Guide
      • The Upper Room - Interdenominational Daily Devotional Guide.


    • For personal faith development utilize materials from the Supreme Council's Catholic Information Service. The Knight of Columbus Supreme Council web site has more details.
      • The Veritas Series consists of a series of booklets dedicated to specific elements of the Catholic faith.
      • The Luke F. Hart Series is a 30-booklet study series that provides a comprehensive overview of the Catholic faith.
      • Councils are encouraged to sponsor a Corporate Communion for members and their families on each fifth Sunday.


Parish Programs

The lay apostolate must be involved in the work of the Church, especially as parishes continue to be linked, clustered, or closed. Initiate programs through which members can practice their Catholic duties in the fields of charity, devotion, and education. Here are a few ideas for councils to prayerfully consider. Refer to the Surge with Service Manual for others:

  • Could a K of C Roundtable help meet the needs of a parish in transition?
  • How have we shown our appreciation to the various spiritual leaders in our midst?
  • Consider financial assistance for non-ordained lay ministers to pursue continuing education.
  • Work with the Parish Vocations Committee in the promotion of religious vocations. The Knights of Columbus support of religious vocations needs to be more than just financial.

Submit your outstanding church activity on Iowa Form IA02 State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form - Church Category.

Remembering Deceased Members

  • Lead a Rosary at the Vigil Service of a deceased member or family member. As a private devotion, the Rosary does not replace the official liturgy of the Church, which is the "Vigil for the Deceased" but can certainly be offered and is encouraged to be prayed in conjunction with the Wake Service. (A general overview of the "Order of Christian Funerals", can be found here.) The Iowa Knights of Columbus "The Rosary of Christian Hope" booklet, is an excellent prayer to be used in this regard. The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council web site has more details.
  • Extend the prayers for the member and his family by enrolling them in the Iowa K of C Perpetual Memorial Society.
  • During the month of November, conduct a liturgy to remember the deceased members of our Knights of Columbus Family, and especially those Brother Knights who have passed away the previous year.

Additional details on the last two activities can be found in the Iowa State Council "Grand Knights Handbook".

Religious Recognition

  • Nominate your outstanding Council Chaplain as Chaplain of the Year. In order to be considered as a top District Deputy, by the State Deputy, it will be now be required that he solicit at least one nomination from his district. Use Iowa Form IA13.
  • Our Priests, Deacons, Religious, and lay ecclesiastic staff, provide us a tremendous service. Recognize their importance in our faith lives by sponsoring a parish or district dinner in their honor.
  • The Religious of the Year award is designed to recognize an outstanding Religious Sister / Brother or Lay Leader of your community. Use Iowa Form IA05.

Additional details on these activities can be found in the Iowa State Council "Grand Knights Handbook".

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