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Northeast Iowa Knights of Columbus Banquet was on Saturday 5 March 2016

The Northeast Iowa Knights of Columbus Banquet was on Saturday 5 March 2016. With over 90 people in attendance, including State Deputy Jon Aldrich and wife Cyndi, it was a big success. Visit the following link for more information about the…


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Iowa Catholic Conference Newsletter, March 6, 2016

The Iowa Catholic Conference (ICC) supports HF 2329, a bill to prohibit the trafficking and use of fetal tissue following an abortion. It was set to be debated last week on the floor of the House; however, on Thursday the state Board of Regents came out publicly against the bill. We can infer this is because the University of Iowa wants to protect its ability to continue using fetal tissue from abortions in research.

The Church teaches that the use of this tissue is unethical because…


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The importance of the SP-7 form

Why is the SP-7 form important?

After discussing with a number of council Grand Knights and Program Directors, here are few reasons they say the SP-7  is important-…


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Northeast Iowa Knights of Columbus Banquet on Saturday 5 March 2016

Northeast Iowa Knights of Columbus Banquet

(Organized by District 8 and Sponsored by Davis Assembly 0271 & Districts 7, 8, and 9)

The Knights of Columbus…


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Results from the first weekend of the 2016 State Bowling Tournament.


Results from week two of the 2016 K of C Bowling Tournament.

We had 13 more teams compete. We will close the tournament this weekend with 22 teams coming to town.

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Doing the Liturgical Action?

In continuing my exploration of participatio actuosa, there is an importance placed upon listening and understanding the internal action of the human person as it relates to worship at Holy Mass.  In another blog post, I made the following observation:

The most demanding of human actions is that of listening. It requires strict attention and summons up in a person his total constructive effort.  It is possible to sing, especially a very familiar tune, and not be conscious…


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Why am I an Iowa Knight of Columbus?

Orlando Gil of the Harlan council 3900 invited me to answer this question.  here is my response:

Why am I a Knight of Columbus?

Duc in Altum!

Simply put because of Russ Hensing and Richard Dole. In 1984 I moved as a recently married man from Nebraska to Iowa Falls Iowa for work. We were alone in the community and I was looking to make connections. Russ and Richard showed up at my apartment with evidence of an organization of men helping others while…


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Iowa Catholic Conference Newsletter, Feb. 29, 2016

If you sent a message to your legislator last week through our Action Center last week, thank you! If you haven’t yet done so, we would appreciate your taking action on these two bills:

House File 2329 would stop the transfer or sale of fetal tissue in Iowa after an abortion. The ICC supports the bill. Our position is that abortion is a grave moral evil…


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Howard Paskach, member of Council 4208 Decorah, has passed away.

Howard Paskach, member of Council 4208 Decorah, has passed away. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for his family and those people he touched during his life.

Click here for obituary, funeral Mass, and other information.

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Baptism, Participation and the Mass

In a recent blog, I posited the following:

The difference between participation in the liturgy that can be called activa and participation that can be labeled actuosa rests in the characteristics of baptism. It is this very sacramental seal that grants one the right to participate. Without the baptismal mark, any action we conduct at Mass, singing, walking, kneeling or anything else can be termed "active," but they do not constitute participatio actuosa. Only through the sacrament…


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Iowa Catholic Conference first legislative deadline report

Last Friday was the first legislative deadline when bills were required to pass out of a committee to remain eligible (with exceptions for budget and tax bills). In the wake of the deadline we’re asking for your help with two bills in the Iowa House. Please visit our Action Center and send a message to your legislator:

(Support) House File 2329 would stop the transfer or sale of fetal…


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District 8 Knights Announce Winter 2016 Travel Gavel Schedule

"Travel Gavel" meetings are usually held in the winter months. The "Travel Gavel" is presented to a Council in northeast Iowa for best membership showing at meetings with other Councils. Travel Gavel points are added up over the fraternal year, and the…


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Knightline 2-18-16 Knights Know Mercy

Knights Know Mercy

Knights all across our state are getting into the swing of Fish Fries and raising charitable dollars while building community in the parishes we serve.  Knights may know Fish well but we know Mercy better – practical works known as corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Lent is a perfect opportunity to focus ourselves and our councils on those works which need some fine tuning in our lives. I know Knights do…


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Knightline 2-18-16 Good of the Order

Brother Knights,

I received some rather disgruntled responses back from my push for recruiting more Knights in the last Knightline.  I would like to respond to them.

Is membership only about the numbers?  Yes and no.  Am I pushing for more members just to have more members.  No. I’m pushing for more members for other numbers.  I want more members so we can increase the 173 million dollars in charitable donations and 71.5 million hours donated by all the Knights…


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New Hampton Knights: Grand Knight Gale Ives Presents a thousand dollar check to the Decorah  birthright. Left to right GK Gale Ives, Roxanne Hauber, Gerry Sorenson Director of the Decorah birthright, and Larr Hauber board…


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Knightline 2-18-16 State Program Awards

Inline image 1

Brothers- Have you submitted your nomination for a state Program or Individual Merit award? Now is the time to submit these nominations! We offer awards to recognize each of the six service program areas (church, community, council, culture of life, family, and youth), as well as individual merit awards for Knight of the Year, Family of the Year, Grand Knight of the Year, Deacon of the Year, and diocesan Chaplain…

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The Confiteor

The Mass begins with the Confiteor.  The Confiteor is a prayer in which we confess our sins and ask the Blessed Virgin and the saints to intercede to God for our forgiveness, for only the clean of heart can see God.  Our Blessed Lord also begins His Mass (the sacrifice at Calvary) with the Confiteor, but it differs from ours in this:  He has no sins to confess.  His sins cannot be a prayer for the forgiveness of His sins, but it can be a prayer for the forgiveness of our sins.



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Council 15603 Breakfast

Join Council 15603 for breakfast! We’ll make your breakfast and take care of the cleanup! Just come and enjoy!

There’s no charge, just a free-will offering.


Who can come? Anyone with an appetite!

What’s on the menu? French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, milk, juice, and coffee (For those with egg allergies, we will have a substitute option of pancakes.)

When is it? Sunday, February…


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ICC legislative update - first deadline

The Iowa Catholic Conference legislative breakfast takes place tomorrow at the State Capitol. The Iowa bishops, along with ICC board and committee members, will be meeting in an informal setting with legislators who stop by. Davenport Bishop Martin Amos will provide the daily prayer in both chambers. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos.

Lawmakers are working towards this Friday’s legislative deadline. Bills…


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