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Loss of a great Knight.

I wanted to let everyone know that we loss a great Knight last week.  Many of you remember Scott and his family as Family of The Year 2 years ago.  Please keep Scott's family in your prayers and if anyone or a Council would like to honor Scott please see the info below from Informed Choice.  Thank you,  Wes Dammann GK of Scott's home Council 12438.

There is a $30,000 matching gift made by the Knights of Columbus in Memorial of Scott Halbur. Many of you have meet Scott he was the…


Added by Wes Dammann on December 1, 2016 at 12:48pm — 1 Comment

ICC Newsletter - Nov. 28, 2016

We hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Time to get back to work!

One of our top priorities during the upcoming legislative session is to encourage passage of an Education Savings Account (ESA) program in Iowa. Click here for a very short video about how ESAs work for families.

ESAs will help all parents pay for the learning environment that best suits their child’s needs,…


Added by Tom Chapman on November 28, 2016 at 9:42am — 1 Comment

Marriage and Mercy, by Father Bruce DeRammelaere, Assistant State Chaplain for the Diocese of Davenport

I'm an odd-ball. I'm an odd-ball in the fact that, while the majority of Catholic priests would rather do a funeral than a wedding, I am a Catholic priest who loves weddings. I love weddings, not only because they are a joyous occasion, but because it is an opportunity. You are meeting two people at one of the happiest moments of their lives, and in that happiness they want that happiness to last, and that is the Churches opportunity to help them in that endeavor.

But opposed to our…


Added by Rev. William Edward Reynolds on November 22, 2016 at 12:18pm — 1 Comment

To Bear Wrongs Patiently and to Forgive Offenses Willingly, by Father Bill Reynolds, State Chaplain

The Year of Mercy is ending, but we can still consider some of the Works of Mercy which are to be ours, both in knowledge and in practice.

Two of the Spiritual Works of Mercy are closely related, so I will consider these together. They are, to bear wrongs patiently, and to forgive offenses willingly.

Who among us has not been ‘wronged’ sometime in your life? Of course, we all feel that sometime in our life we were wronged. The next question is more challenging! Have your…


Added by Rev. William Edward Reynolds on November 22, 2016 at 12:21pm — 1 Comment

Proposer Challenge - Second Quarter Standings Thus Far

Second quarter proposer's challenge update after one month

Recall the contest rules:

How - to be Eligible: Submit completed, signed form 100 with proposer name

Each Quarter the 5 highest recruiters (minimum of two (2) new members to qualify) will receive cash Prizes in the following denominations:

  1. Most Men Recruited- $300.00
  2. Second Highest Recruited -$200.00
  3. Third Highest Recruited -$150.00
  4. Fourth Highest Recruited…

Added by Membership Director - IA KofC on November 2, 2016 at 10:35pm — 1 Comment

2016 Iowa Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Iowa Knights of Columbus state Soccer Challenge

Girls – 9 years…


Added by Iowa KofC Program Director on November 2, 2016 at 8:49am — 1 Comment

Freeing the Captive, by Fr. Randy Schon, Assistant State Chaplain for the Diocese of Sioux City

     The people of the Bible knew all about captivity.  The low point of the Old Testament is the Babylonian Captivity, when the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and sent the survivors to captivity in Babylon (modern Iraq).  The Jews were exiled there for over a generation before they were allowed to return home.  When Jesus said to "free the captive," this bad memory would immediately come to mind for the people of his time.  Sadly, the corporal work of mercy to "free the captive" today can…


Added by Rev. William Edward Reynolds on October 29, 2016 at 7:26pm — No Comments

Camp High Hopes Receives Knights of Columbus Donation

Jim Weber, Trustee 11038; Kevin Hotchkiss, Deputy Grand Knight 11038; Ron Heydon, Deputy Grand Knight 12855; Dennis Kluver, District Deputy 20; Anthony Gabriel, Grand Knight 11038; Chris Liberto, Exec.Dir. Camp High Hopes; John Staiert, Grand…


Added by Iowa Knights of Columbus on November 1, 2016 at 6:00pm — No Comments

Feeding the Hungry; A Corporal Work of Mercy

On Feeding the Hungry, by Assistant State Chaplain for the Sioux City Diocese Father Randy Schon

Jesus told many parables about a final judgment in which there would be a separation of good and evil. It is in Matthew 25 that Jesus specifies his main criteria for this separation. When the king welcomes the good people to his kingdom, he begins by saying, "For I was hungry, and you gave me food" (Matthew 25: 35). Jesus then lists several other works of mercy that were performed by…


Added by Rev. William Edward Reynolds on October 18, 2016 at 9:12am — No Comments

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