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Hey, what are you thinking?

Brother Knights, 

I'd like to know what you think about our state website and our use of technology in general. Now is the time to give your opinion!  I've posted a survey on the website here: 2016 Website Survey

You can send in a paper survey or you can click to an on-line survey.  There is even an open-ended question that will let you provide input on anything you want concerning information technology.

We are…


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Sample 3

This will be posted to Facebook from my new Mac tool

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Christ Our Life Conference and Consecration to the Holy Family

This year the Iowa Knights of Columbus will be even more involved with the Christ Our Life Conference in Des Moines on September 24th and 25th.  Paul Lee will be leading the Rosary Sunday morning.  And when people come into the conference on Sunday, they will receive a flyer that promotes the Consecration to the Holy Family and a prayer card with that prayer.  During the closing Mass Knights will lead the attendees in this prayer of consecration.

The flyer will be provided to…


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The Silver Rose is Coming to Iowa Again!


The Silver Rose will be coming to Iowa on June 19th and leaving Iowa on July 10th.  We have 22 events scheduled with the Rose in the 22 days it will be in our jurisdiction. In the recent past, the rose has entered Iowa in the eastern part of the state and was available for events in eastern Iowa.  Mike Lause and I wanted to have the Rose travel through western Iowa this year.  And so there are events in Britt, West Bend, Storm Lake, Sioux City, Onawa, Council Bluffs, Carter…


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Three Men's Conferences This Spring


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Recruiting and Recycling at the Same Time

The Knights of Columbus puts out some very informative and high quality publications that you receive every month or two.  These publications represent a positive advertisement for our Order and the Father Michael J McGivney Guild. 

How about after you’ve read the Guild Newsletter you take it to church or a council meeting.  Ask people if they received it and when you find someone who didn’t hand it to them and say something like, “Father Gabriel’s message on…


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Smile You Might be on Facebook

I did a Google search for a parish in another town.  The Facebook page came up as the first choice, I clicked on it and the results started me down a strange path. Instead of Mass times, I saw a crude cartoon in the timeline that not only used profanity but denigrated our faith.  Needless to say, that wasn’t what I was expecting to find on a church’s Facebook page.

It turns out I stumbled into a frustrating cul-de-sac in the digital neighborhood called Unofficial Pages.  You see,…


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Dubuque Council Celebrates Holy Hour with the Holy Family Icon

When the David J. Ochs Council -  #15813 in Dubuque found out that the Holy Family Icon was coming to Iowa, they asked to be the first ones to get it.  That's just so cool that they really wanted the Icon and that they had a purpose for it.  Rather than use the stock booklet (available on our website at: …

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The Truth Between Brothers

I have a great friend, a brother really, who lives near St. Louis.  I’ve been thinking of him lately for a lot of reasons, not the least of which because I’ll be seeing him in a little over a week.  Bob is wonderful person and we got to know each other on a church trip to Rome and by working together on a church project.  He and his wife live the faith in ways that humble me.  A few years ago they opened a home for pregnant women providing love and care for mothers and their 48 expectant and…


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Brothers need teachers

Today a new First Degree member confided that while he took a private oath to pray the Rosary every day, he didn’t know how.  That’s an incredibly brave confession.  I admire his honesty and scruples to ask for help.  

Yes, he has the rosary wallet card.  So the words and diagrams are available. My first feeble response was that he should come to Mass 45 minutes early and participate in the Rosary to get the rhythm of prayers and that would help to learn them.

But, of course,…


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LC Clinic Dedication in Former Planned Parenthood Location

On February 28th, the LC Clinic dedicated their new building in Creston. The building had been rented to Planned Parenthood before they closed their doors in July of 2014.  Through the generosity of a local donor, the LC Clinic completed the purchase of the building on the 24th of February.  Planned Parenthood installed the clinical fixtures and layout of the building at their cost.  These changes made the building perfectly suited for the LC Clinic which is a pregnancy care…


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Creston Council and State Deputy at Ultrasound Presentation

On Wednesday, October 29th, General Sheridan Council 1228 of Creston presented a check to Ruth Fennessy, Executive Director of LC Clinic of Stuart with the local council matching funds for their new ultrasound.  Mrs Fennessy brought the new machine with her and provided the Knights with insights on how important the new machine is to the clinic.  She also gave the Knights an update on the search for a location in Creston for their satellite office.

Fr Ken Halbur, Holy Spirit Pastor,…


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Creston Council 1228 Starts Ultrasound Initiative

Help the Creston Knights of Columbus purchase a new PORTABLE ultrasound machine for LC Clinic of Stuart.  LC Clinic provides life affirming pregnancy care services to Southwest Iowa.  They need a new ultrasound machine and the Creston Knights want to help them get a portable unit they can use in Stuart or Creston. Please send donations to KC Ultrasound, 222 N Maple St, Creston, IA 50801.  More importantly please pray for our initiative and for the many babies that will be saved and…


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Making a BIG Statement

Council 12216 serves the parishes of Leon and Mt Ayr Iowa.  The two communities are a marathon distance apart - 26.2 miles from one to the other on Highway 2. Their parishes are served by two different priests.  But when this council comes together as Knights to take on projects they speak with one voice.  On June 14th that was a booming voice as the council erected a 7 foot by 14 foot Pro-LIfe sign at mile marker 20 on I-35.  

When heading north, you’ll see the…


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Teaming Up For Life

Three new Pro-Life billboards can be found on Union county highways thanks to the combined efforts of the Creston Knights of Columbus and Crest Area for Life.

The project started with a conversation between Betty Baker, President of Crest Area for Life and Francis Doyle, Trustee for Council 1228 of Creston.  Three landowners in the area had volunteered to host Pro-Life billboards.  Betty asked Francis if the Knights of Columbus could help.  Crest Area for Life is a Southwest Iowa…


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