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Former State Family Member Marvin Japel Passes Away

Here is the link for the obituary for Marvin Japel of Sioux City. Many in State Family knew Marvin and will surely miss him.…


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James & Judy Chambers Memorial Western Iowa Camporee June 2013

The Iowa Knights of Columbus are holding their 8th Annual James & Judy Chambers Western Iowa Camporee the weekend of June 28-30, 2013. It will be held in Storm Lake, IA in the city campgrounds on the east side of Storm Lake which is 1001 Sunrise Road.

We are…


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Food for Families

My brother Knights this is the time of year we need to be running food drives for our local Food Pantries. With the Holiday Season approaching fast we need to double our efforts. With many families just trying to get by, it is really tough on their stress levels and just trying to coupe with every day life and then the holidays so up and really need our help. So I encourage every Council to try to run a Food Drive for their local food banks. They need our help year round but now more…


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Habitat for Humanity

My brothers:

As it gets colder it reminds me that there are many projects at your local Habitat for Humanity Centers. If your Council is in a Local Habitat for Humanity Center Area please give them a call.  Go to the top of the web site and click  on Community. There you will click on the …


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Communtiy Director Update: Fall Event Ideas

My Brother Knights: As we approach the Fall season here are some things we can do in our communities to make them a better place for all of us.

When coming to help some of the elderly we can rake leaves off their yards as well as cleaning around the outside of their homes. Offer to check the gutters so they are free of debris form the past Summer and early Fall. There is no need for ice jams on the roofs when then winter season comes.  These jams are causes of major roof…


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Community Events



My Brother Knights,

Here are a few ideas in which you can do for Community events for August and Sept.

If you have peolpe that need a house or other property that needs painting or repair now is the time to get that job done.

With the weather the way it is you may want to take it easy in this extreme heat but it can be done with the right precautions.

Also those Councils that are near a Habitat for Humanity Area you can go on the the web site…


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