Iowa Helping Hands Foundation assists Widow of Fallen Knight - Councils urged to do likewise

Foundation Monies being given to Colleen Beuner surrounded by her children by Vern Vondara, District Deputy Sunday March 23rd. Pastor Fr Appel was very pleased with the swift response from the Knights. He summed it up perfectly by saying “this is what we do, as Knights!”

         Colleen's husband Mark Beuner was a 3rd Degree Knight with the Blue Grass, Ia Council, and had recently decided, after quite a bit of rhetoric involved, to join the new StAl’s-St Peter’s Council being formed. He was quite well acquainted with the many good programs the Knights offered, and had many good ideas about how the new Council could raise funds for a lot of charitable programs.

         He was elected Chancellor of the new Council in December, and was looking forward to leading many men there down a good path to getting closer to Christ. He was originally born in Canada, and moved to the US some years ago. He became sick in February, and was going to have a routine procedure done at the hospital. While there he unexpectedly stopped breathing and could not be revived.

          On the Family side, Mark left 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, ranging in age from 7-18. Colleen has her hands full raising the family, and Mark had very little life insurance to help out, either. This almost sounds like a Fr McGivney tale, but it is absolutely true. She is not in good financial condition, his family is in Canada, and doesn’t have resources to help very much, either. Colleen was working part time at the Community College, but just recently became full time, which will help, but with those children to raise, it will take every dime she can make to keep the wolf from the door.

The Blue Grass Knights donated $450.00 proceeds from their Pancake breakfast.

The St Alphonsus- St Peters Council is working on doing a Trivia night for her sometime late April early May, also focused on fund raising.

All Councils and Knights are asked to consider regular donations to the Helping Hands Fund of the Iowa Knights of Columbus to continue the good work of helping those in need.

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Comment by Paul Falck on May 7, 2014 at 9:26am

With all due respect to the fallen Knight and his grieving family, this is a bittersweet story as it is every Field Agent's nightmare to have a member's family unprotected. We lose sleep over these situations, just ask our wives. We sacrifice time with our families to protect our member's families.

I respect the council and the Charitable Foundation for their assistance to the family, it is a very honorable gesture. I will pray for this family as Father's Day approaches, I know the pain and emptiness they will feel.

Comment by Publicity Director on March 27, 2014 at 9:44pm

Visit the foundation page to learn more

Comment by Publicity Director on March 27, 2014 at 9:43pm

Proud to be a Knight of Columbus and brother to those men who pitched in to help this family.

Let's rededicate some of our time to raise funds for the Iowa Helping Hands Foundation so more families in need can receive a helping hand.

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