A Successful Start to Pregnancy Resource Conferences - by Steve Heffern

On October 1st the Iowa Knights of Columbus Culture of Life Committee hosted our first Pregnancy Resource Conference at the New Hope Assembly of God youth center. From the reaction of the participants at the conference and in comments made to the committee on their surveys, I am happy to report to my Brother Iowa Knights that the conference was a hit.

Centers from around the state from our list of pregnancy supportive organizations were invited to attend the conference. Word of mouth and advertising expanded the audience to centers and interested organizations who were not previously known to us. Forty-four people from 20 organizations including six Knights attended the conference. Bob Sinclair the Culture of Life committee chairman was the MC of the event. WSD Jon Aldrich spoke at the end of the conference thanking the speakers and attendees for their participation.

Eight speakers covered six topics: Marketing, Abortion and the Law, Fundraising, Ultrasound Technology and Servant Ministry. We had two overwhelming feedback from the attendees: First, we over-programmed and filled too much of the time. They wanted more time to network with each other. That’s wonderful! Second, they realized more people in the Pregnancy Center ministry should attend and that we collectively should do more to reach more organizations next year. They also realized they needed to bring more of their own associates now that they know the conference is so valuable. Hannah Shady from LC Clinic told me, “Next year, I’m going to bring some board members and clinic staff too!”

Special thanks to Maggie DeWitte (Iowans for Life) and Jenny Condon (InnerVisions) for spearheading this event. The conference was probably the most valuable thing we could have done this year to support the pregnancy center community. Now we need to work with our Iowa councils to find heroes for each Pregnancy Resource/Medical Center in the state. We need Knights who are willing to commit to the special mission of bringing the needs of their local centers to their attention of their local councils so that Knights will know how they can be men of action in support of the culture of life in their own communities.

If you are ready to be a hero, we need your help. Call me or send me email: sheffern@live.com or 515-493-6110

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