Action Alert - Iowa Catholic Conference - Support House File 173

Require physicians to be phyically present to administer abortion drugs

A House subcommittee passed House File 173 Tuesday afternoon. The bill would require physicians to be physically present to administer drugs to cause abortions. In other words, it would prohibit "webcam" abortions that are done over a videoconference. The bill is eligible to be considered by the House Human Resources Committee tomorrow.

We all have an interest in the safety and health of women. The Iowa Catholic Conference believes that House File 173 helps accomplish this goal in the state of Iowa.

Here’s how a “webcam” abortion works: During an office visit and video consultation with a physician at a different location, two pills are delivered to the pregnant woman by activating a remote control switch that opens a drawer in front of her. The drawer contains two pills, and she takes the first at his direction. The second pill is taken later, at home, on a prescribed schedule. If the abortion is “successful,” the woman delivers a dead baby at home.

We support the development of new technologies such as telemedicine but take seriously our obligation to insure it is moral and not used to degrade humanity. We oppose all abortions, no matter the method. However, this method of abortion is particularly impersonal and disturbing, not to mention potentially harmful to the woman’s life and health.

If abortions are to take place, the safety and informed consent of the women involved should be among our chief concerns. Please use our action alert and encourage your member of the Iowa House to support this common-sense legislation.

P.S. In addition, women deserve to know that choosing life for their baby doesn’t mean they abandon all hope for a better life. We owe it to mothers to help them learn about the many private and public resources available to help.

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