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This August, as we celebrate the anniversaries of our founder’s birth (Aug. 12) and death (Aug. 14), we invite you to join us in promoting Father McGivney’s cause. It takes just three simple steps: join, pray and report. If you are already a member, be sure to invite your family, and all men and women, to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild. It’s free and even non-Knights and non-Catholics are eligible to join. Then, lead your family in praying for Father McGivney’s canonization. Finally, report any favors, large or small, to the guild for inclusion on the guild website and in its newsletter. Most of the Knights in your council probably don’t know that members of the Knights of Columbus are not automatically enrolled in the guild. Invite them to join as well! To join, visit or write to the Father McGivney Guild, 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326.

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